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Good Health Magazine. Featuring our Organic Argan Hair Treatment. February 2014

Good Health Magazine. Featuring our Organic Argan Hair Treatment. February 2014

Russh Magazine - African Black Liquid Soap.   February 2014

Russh Magazine – African Black Liquid Soap. February 2014


Once-Upon-a-Cream“I would have never imagined did Prickly Pear Seed Oil might also be one of the best and most gently “eye creams” I’ve ever had.”

The Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil from Moroccan Natural is full of vitamin E and is therefore the perfect product to age beautifully and maintained to the skin. The oil is particularly suitable for beauties who are looking for a gentle and highly effective eye care and neither burn nor irritate the skin otherwise., Austria










Biomake-up-Review“The skin looks completely different and that is why I find it a miracle product (Organic Argan Radiance), probably due to the effects of Pearl Powder”

This serum is recommended for dry and sensitive skin and is formulated from different vegetable oils placed in synergy. It is a serum that nourishes and makes the skin elastic detossinandola and repairing it from the ravages of the weather. I like it because it absorbs quickly and is not at all comedogenic, moisturizing the skin at the right point and helps to combat redness. I like to use it, as anticipated, in the evening because it is really moisturizing despite not leave the skin greasy., Italy




Pearl-Powder-ReviewPearl Powder is perfect for all skin types and helps with easing skin inflammation and promotes healing, enhances elasticity and luminosity.

Containing calcium, protein and vitamins and a very high source of amino acid, pearl powder is perfect for all skin types and helps with easing skin inflammation and promotes healing, enhances elasticity and luminosity. Additionally, it aids in absorbing oil and skin impurities, filters out UV rays and helps to prevent hyperpigmentation by slowing down the melanin production in the skin. Its antimicrobial properties are also known to remove blotches, acne, acne scarring, dry patches and rosacea as well as address sun damage., Asia






green-make-upThis product has really captivated me and I find it great to regenerate the skin, especially dull skin

How do I use the pearl powder?  It works amazing! The skin looks radiant, very soft and smooth. I find this an innovative solution for achieving quickly a fresh and clean face. This product has really captivated me and I find it great to regenerate the skin, especially dull skin. Moroccan natural Pearl powder comes in a small lovely jar of 10g along with a spatula for dosage., Europe




If you’re on the hunt to find a product to combat your hair woes, say hello to Argan hair treatment!

If you’re on the hunt to find a product to combat your hair woes, say hello to argan hair treatment! The oil hydrates and repairs hair follicles and works to prevent them from breaking and frizzing. This product is suitable for all, particularly those who use hair dye, hairdryers and straighteners which put the hair under extra pressure. The inclusion of Rosemary, Cedar Wood, Lavender and Sea Buckthorn Oil makes this treatment ideal for those with a dry,flaky scalp too. To use, massage the treatment into the hair and leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing out and following with shampoo and conditioner., Australia


It’s a little miracle worker you can use for several skin ‘issues’, from dry patches to scars

I love the indulging scent of this serum (Argan Rose Serum). It has a lovely texture that is oily without being too greasy or making you all shiny. After the first application you see immediate result: smooth, glowing and well-nourished skin. It’s a little miracle worker you can use for several skin ‘issues’, from dry patches to scars., UK



I could literally write a book on the amazing-ness of this product

If I had to choose just one product then the African Liquid Black Soap would be my pick. It is amazing, incredible and unbelievable all rolled in to one. Everything I’ve always hoped for in a natural shampoo and conditioner and more so. I urge you to try this product. It’s seriously that good. I even shock myself as I type these words, but I now have “good hair days” with beautiful bouncy hair that looks like I’ve just walked out of a salon. ;), Australia


I want to tell you about this soap. It’s a soap that’s not a soap, more like a creamy cleanser bar. I really like it.

I’ve mentioned Moroccan Natural before – ethical, properly organic and very conscientious when they come to sourcing ingredients. This body bar is a very traditional product – it’s not moisturising in the way that an oil would be, but it doesn’t even have a trace of that tight, squeaky feeling that you can get with soaps., UK

We cannot get enough of Moroccan Natural 

 Organic Argan Hair Treatment: This product prevents hair from breaking, frizzing and counter acts the results of modern living., UK



This serum works to soften and rejuvenate skin, and is just gorgeous to use.. 

I’ve recently been trying out a few products from the range and absolutely fell in love with the Argan Oil & Rose Serum.  I do love all things ‘rose’, and the combination of this precious oil with argan oil is a recipe for success (or great skin!)., New Zealand


The product also conditions lashes, which is great

The roller ball, though, is what really addicted me: it feels like a gentle massage every time I smooth it around my tired eyes.  International



 It’s like a perfume that is great for your skin!

My favorite argan oil blend is Moroccan Natural Argan Rose Serum. It’s a cruelty free blend made with organic argan oil, rose oil and rose geranium oil. It smells amazing and I love to use it at night on my face and chest., USA



Culinary Argan Oil lowered my cholesterol 

Taking a teaspoon of  Moroccan Natural Culinary Argan Oil each day, lowered my cholesterol from 7.2 to 6.2 in a month - Stephen Selby
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 My daughter has very sensitive dry skin. We tried every possible oil / cream but no improvement. We tried Moroccan Natural Body Oil and it worked. It really suits my daughter’s skin and keeps well nourished. I will surely recommend this oil for anyone with dry skin problems. Moroccan Natural team well done and thank you !!”  Ajit Phadke

Does what is says

Soothe & Smooth Eyes is so easy and pleasant to use. The rollerball really is a preferred method for those smaller, slimline bottles. So handbag/pocket friendly. With it’s lightweight texture, and packed with natural, organic oils it has a lovely, soothing effect, as the product name implies. No hesitation in giving 5 stars to this. Again I feel this is very much a unisex product. A wonderful, additive and perfume free, user friendly product in a neutral packaging, which I feel is perfect for males and females alike. I will carry on using Soothe and Smooth Eyes and will recommend.  Dee Kay, Scotland

Nourishing And Natural

I give this product (Argan Glow) 5 stars first of all because like all Moroccan Natural products, I can depend on it being organic, and unadulterated. No added ingredients required (or wanted!) Argan Glow feels wonderful on the skin. Whilst applying there is a sense that it is nourishing the skin, with its texture and natural, slightly earthy smell and the addition of soothing and healing seabuckthorn oil, unlike the experience with more commercial products (even those sold in herbal and health food stores) with their whiff and feel of added, usually synthetic, ingredients. (Turn those products over and look at the lists!) I love, love, love the roller ball. It makes for such easy application. I let my husband try it, and it made me think it’s a great product for men too….discreet, no feminine fragrance or labeling, and easy to apply. I would recommend this without hesitation.   Dee Kay

A very good product

This was a good quality Argan oil. Arrived in time and been very beneficial and suited my skin. will buy more.  Shanz

I want it and I want it now!

Finding excellent quality products that are made with 100% natural ingredients that really work is like finding a needle in a haystack, So rare!  OK, I want it all and I want it now!  The thing is, once I discover unique eco healthy organic natural products I become a fan for life.  Marcia Pedro, UK.

Organic rather than artificial argan hair treatment

I’d tried Moroccan Oil in the past – great product and great smell, oly problem is hardly any argan oil inside. Mainly silky coating to the hair, abit like waterproofing spray. This products was natural, organic, disappeared into the hair and left no residue. My hair is quite fly away so I was really pleased that I didn’t get that clumpy feeling.  Enkay 




Argan Oil & Rose Serum is a wonderful serum. I use it neat on my face everyday. I tried different oils, such as a straight argan oil, which was nice but left a slight musky smell, and others such as calendula and vitamin E. Of all of these I recommend this serum above them all. It is deliciously light and smells so fresh. My skin feels genuinely moisturized without feeling greasy. I only used a few drops on my fingers and rub into my skin gently. It is very soothing. I also use the clay by the same brand (Moroccan natural) and I thoroughly recommend it too. A very trustworthy and quality brand.   E Ferguson


This product should be changed to wonderbar!

My nephew suffers with cradle cap and we used everything – everything from doctors but nothing worked and he had itchy and flakey scalps. If anything the products were irritating and made the scalp more itchy. The Rhassoul Bar was recommended by another friend who is a pharmacist. Tried this as it is soapless, but you still get a really good lather and wash the hair with it – cradle cap has for good. This moisturises, cleans and doesn’t strip the skin of the natural oils that it has anyway, whereas shampoos were making it worse. Shame that Moroccan Natural doesn’t do a version for longer hair!!!   Enkay


Best natural cleanser for face

I heard from friends and from magazine articles that Rhassoul Clay is an amazing natural all-in-one body cleanser. I used the products of various companies and then found Rhassoul Clay on Amazon from Moroccan Natural. This is the best in quality and value for money that I have found. First of all it is 100% natural and 100% organic product without any funny additives, which is important for me as I try to minimise my exposure to chemicals. But what is really great about it is how clean the face feels afterwards. In fact it tones, tightens and cleans! Looking at their website I decided to try the Rhassoul Body Bar. What a brilliant cleanser this is! It’s got all the qualities of Rhassoul Clay but without the hassle of preparing the cleanser facial. So I highly recommend Body Bar. Moroccan Natural congratulations on a really great product!”  Raci


Great product

Such a lovely, easy way to experience the well documented properties of rhassoul in this cleansing bar. So convenient for daily use. I don’t suffer from sensitive/problem skin, but what a dream product for those who do. A few superb ingredients, no chemicals …. and organic too…Wow! Thank you Moroccan Natural, I am enjoying my Rhassoul Cleansing Bar so much.”  Dee Kay, Scotland

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