“They call me mellow yellow

Saffron -- yeah
I'm just mad about her
I'm just mad about Saffron
She's just mad about me…”

                                                 Mellow Yellow by Donovan.

Donovan knew the delightful effects of the colour yellow. Mellow yellow, we adore you. From our Chanel bottles to the blazing sun, bright bananas and even our beloved gold jewellery, we simply can’t get enough – but did you know, it’s more than simply just a colour? Yellow coloured fruit, spices and even clothing can change your whole mood instantly. This week, we’ll be telling you how to incorporate yellow into your daily life and reap all the benefits of the bright, invigorating colour.


Yellow is a colour that symbolises freshness, energy, life and ultimately happiness. It’s the colour we associate with the warmer seasons, and in many cases, childhood. Everything was brighter and happier and our younger days. Maybe it’s just us, but when we look back, we get chills thinking about how the sun was a much brighter, the beach much more exciting, our favourite toys an eccentric and exciting bright yellow and more. It’s a happy colour, and can suggest a childlike personality.


Donovan noted on this in his track Mellow Yellow as both he and Paul McCartney shared the same relaxed experience of the colour. Donovan states that it’s simply a colour that can calm you down. We could not agree more. London is filled with monochrome chic, a bold yellow never ceases to catch our eye and get us smiling. Not only can it make someone look much more appealing, but in turn it makes them look fun. Hey, we know, it’s a bold colour to rock – but those who dare, rightly deserve every second glance they receive. We love it. In terms of colour theory, opting for a brighter yellow in clothing also makes you feel happier. The effects of colour theory on the psychological mind have been a point of study for years, and many scientists have proven it can have a significant effect on our mood. What are you waiting for? Dig out that bright yellow statement piece and shine with the sun this summer.



We love the colour yellow as it is the colour of many of our precious oils and our luxurious Gold Collection. Our oils are not only highly sought after, but it is their makeup that makes them wonderful skin care products that can tackle many of the skin issues we all face on a daily basis. For instance, our 24kt Gold Serum with Rose Oil is the star of the week, not only due to its golden hue! This star product tightens pores for a smoother appearance and refined skin texture, regenerates skin to reduce signs of stress and fatigue and helps even out skin tone. Begin adding the most precious yellow of all, Gold, to your daily skin routine here.


Wearing yellow is a bold move, but eating yellow is much simpler – and the benefits are endless. Eating yellow is as straight forward as what it sounds like; a diet rich in yellow fruits, veg and spices i.e. bananas, yellow bell peppers, lemons, squash, mangoes, potatoes and much more. Yellow foods work in enhancing our Solar Plexus chakra, the chakra points responsible for balanced self-esteem. Willpower and an overall strong sense of self. By incorporating more of these foods in your diet, and spending just 10 minutes a day meditating and reciting phrases which strengthen this chakra point, you will begin to feel more confident in yourself and it will spark an overwhelming calmness and happiness within you. They are all yellow for a reason, after all!


To help you get on your way with the Mellow Yellow ambience this week, we recommend trying Saffron infused milk. It is a staple in southern Asia, and due to its Saffron counterpart, it has been known to have powerful effects on the skin by evening the skin tone, lightening the skin and allowing it to look and feel smoother and softer. Give it a try this week, right before bed as it makes you feel wonderfully at ease, and let us know what you think.



 5 cups of milk

 2 Tbsp of Brown Sugar

 1 Tbsp of Saffron Threads








1. Pour milk into a saucepan along with sugar and Saffron.

2. Allow to boil for 3-5 minutes, or until Saffron has dissolved.

3. Serve in your favourite china set with a small piece of cinnamon stick (optional).


We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s blog. Don’t forget to wear yellow, drink yellow and eat yellow! Let’s spread the happiness this week. For all things, Moroccan Natural follow our Twitter page @MoroccanNatural, Instagram @Moroccan_Natural or find us on Facebook @ Moroccan Natural.

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