Taken from the teachings of Haemin Sunim 


Remember, it isn't the outside world that is a whirl wind; it is only your mind.
The world has never complained about how busy it is…


This week, we had the pleasure of stumbling upon Haemin Sunim’s The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down, and we will forever be in his debt for reminding us how to live in a way that brings you peace, calmness and the ability to express gratitude to everyday life. We often forget to be thankful for all of the wonderful blessings we have each and every day. It has been said time and time again how expressing gratitude will help you feel and be happier, yet we very seldom do it. Sunim explains the ways in which we can train ourselves to slow down in the midst of a fast paced world, and realise we have more to appreciate and savour beyond our own “too-busy-to-slow-down”  self-imposed lifestyles.




You would be forgiven for being overworked, overwhelmed and stressed beyond your wildest imagination, but Sunim argues that the world is as a busy as we create it to be, and in turn, it is as slow moving as we wish it to be. Many of our perceptions of the world are created within the realm of our own thinking. We must slow down and take every moment as it comes, including all the difficult situations.

The answers to many of our daily worries are quite simple, and it is our innate ability to want to know and fix everything where the flaw in our actions lies. We must slow down and accept situations as they are, then allowing ourselves to think, feel and contemplate all the ways the situation will affect us. Allow the emotional and stressful situations to continue, and trust in yourself to find the answer when you are ready. This will take you half way there, whilst gratitude will take you further.



We continue to bring up gratitude in our articles, but it is because we know just how important it is for helping you through many of life's obstacles and it will bring you the sense of overwhelming happiness you have been desperately searching for. Being grateful and regularly expressing gratitude for things big and small trains you to see the positive aspects in many situations, whilst many people around you may only see the negatives. We’re not advising you to find a new set of friends immediately if this hits a little too close to home, but maybe be the change in your set of friends.


Seeing a negative rather than a positive comes much easier to many of us lately as seeing the bad requires very little work; the bad takes an immediate tole on your emotions and thinking, and you have already allowed it to work against you. Fighting it and seeing a positive rather than a negative in any situation helps you to build yourself up and be happier, allowing you to be the spark of energy in the room that many will flock to. Misery loves company, but nobody can resist a warm smile.



The beauty of life is the chance to wake up another day and seize all the hopes and dreams you have set for yourself. The chance to start again is a blessing, and the number one thing we should be grateful for each and every day! It’s easy to brainstorm new schemes and ideas, being overwhelmed with passion and excitement that you cannot wait to start, and once you’re in the thick of it, the reality sets in and it suddenly does not build up to the vision you had in mind. This affects us all in many different ways, and Sunim challenges us to see the flaws in our mission to the top.

If you are one to argue your point only with having the satisfaction of being right, you do not gain anything from the interaction with another. Rather, you put your ego first and you continue to find other points to argue that show your infinite “wisdom”, and very seldom do the brightest minds ever declare how remarkably intelligent they are. Also, this leads to arrogance and believing you are better than those around you, feeling no remorse for double-crossing people on your way to the finish line. If we are only but wise to remember that life is ever changing, and when the tide changes, you may later be paying the price for your actions.

Sunim also makes a wonderful point about being one of two types of people when it comes to success: those who know their shortcomings, and those who do not. He makes this point as a reminder that many people may allow their lives to seem perfect, but the reality is nobody has a perfect life, we simply do not know them very well.  Keep this in mind when you find yourself feeling very low and comparing your life to another. It may not be what it seems at all.

With this in mind, focus on your passions and continue to strive forward, but act with a pure heart and seek knowledge without arrogance if you truly wish to progress.



Feeling love is a blessing we do not all experience, and once we have experienced it and felt the heartbreak that usually will follow suit, we live with resentment and regret for ever allowing ourselves to get so caught up in it. However, Sunim is no stranger to loving and losing someone he once thought was his soul mate. Rather than give up on the ideology of love, he continued on through life with peace of mind and holding no resentment. He visited his old love and her current husband, feeling nothing but joy towards the woman who once taught him what love had felt like. If this isn’t the best advice for consoling yourself after a break up, then nothing is!

It appears that many of our problems are only worsened by our thoughts of them. We have the power to see them differently, and to be happier. Happiness is not found in material possessions, or in finding your significant other, but it is by expressing continuous gratitude for all of the experiences and blessings life has offered you, and choosing to see the good in every situation.


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