"This Be the Worst" by Adrian Mitchell

They tuck you up, your mum and dad, 
They read you Peter Rabbit, too. 
They give you all the treats they had
And add some extra, just for you. 

They were tucked up when they were small, 
(Pink perfume, blue tobacco-smoke), 
By those whose kiss healed any fall, 
Whose laughter doubled any joke. 

Man hands on happiness to man, 
It deepens like a coastal shelf. 
So love your parents all you can
And have some cheerful kids yourself. 

                                                          - Adrian Mitchell


It’s finally December, which means we can now freely get into the Christmas spirit, with all its jingle-bell-rock glory. But first, we’d like to give our condolences to the families of the Chapecoense players and staff who died on Monday following a plane crash in Columbia. Our hearts go out to their families and loved ones.


As it’s Christmas, we’d like to remind all of our readers how lucky we are to have family and friends through the Christmas season, and to be sure to use this time to reflect on all things we are blessed to have.

This season is for all the family, but it is not Christmas without the children! Whether they are your own, your siblings, friends’ children or even nieces and nephews, their faces of joy are absolutely priceless. As we all grow older, we tend to lose sight of the magic and sparkle that comes with Christmas, but children remind us of our youth and also how exciting the simplest things can be. We’d like to encourage our readers to get stuck in the fun with the kids this season, and we know the best ways how! Our team has asked a small (and rather cheeky) team of experts on how they would like to enjoy the season with their families. Read on to find out more.


5 Family Time Games Even Dad Will Love


  1. Charades

A classic. Players divide into two teams and each team writes out a number of phrases for the opposing team to draw from. A member from the opposing team will then act out the phrase to their own team members, using only actions and gestures. The more phrases, which are guessed by a team, are the winners of the game. (Tip: Give each round a time limit of 3 minutes to make it even more exciting!)

  1. Hide and Seek – MN Fav

A timeless favourite; although fortune favours the younger ones, it’s incredible how many spaces can be used to hide in under one roof! One person must close their eyes and count down from 10. Once reaching 0, they must seek out all the remaining players. The last person to be found wins! (Tip: This is even more hilarious when the seeker wears a bandana over their eyes and must seek everyone out with their hands. We promise, you are guaranteed to giggle your socks off just like the kids!)

  1. The Mummy

Players divide into two teams, and one member is mummified with rolls and rolls of toilet paper. The first team to fully cloth their mummy in toilet paper, wins! Easy!


  1. Freeze Dance!

Turn on the radio and dance your bum off with the kids as one person controls the music. Once the music stops – FREEZE! Even grandma and grandpa can join in the fun. The last person left standing is the winner! Get your workout in without feeling guilty this Christmas.


  1. Truth of Dare

A timeless party game where everyone sits in a circle and a bottle is spinned. Whomever it lands on must choose truth or dare. It’s your chance to find out who went into your make-up, or dare them to eat their sprouts this Christmas. Two birds, one stone. Brillant

Also, congratulations to our giveaway winner this week Ana Odlos! Your prize will be on its way soon. Thank you for all entrants. There will be another giveaway soon! We’d also love to hear how well these games work out for you and the little ones. Let us know in the comments below for a chance to be mentioned in the next post!

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