If you’re anything like us, you will have your summer wardrobe ready for all the sun that you’re about to soak up. Summer is the best time to get dressed up, your options are limitless and the brighter, the better!! The city is bursting with colour, and the good summer vibes are infectious. It's impossible not to catch yourself smiling at nothing at all as of late! However, not all of us are pretty comfortable with our smiles; but don’t let that stop you. Smiling is your one way ticket to a happier you! Smiling releases all the feel-good chemicals you need to look confident in all the great summer clothes you have waiting to be worn. If you’re not very fond of your smile, we have the best tips for you to help you on your way to a brighter, nicer smile and a happier, more confident you!




Now, we all know the usual tips for a great smile. Brush twice a day, avoid caffeine, drink water etc. We’ve sought out the best tips that you probably won’t have heard, but will indefinitely give you the beautiful smile you’ve been waiting for.




Trips to the dentist are the last thing on our to-do list for a reason; from the moody secretary to the horror-film contraptions laying on the tray beside you and the dentist and their assistant peering deep into vastness of your mouth, we don’t blame you for seeing it as a terrifying experience. But Dentist’s are just like us. Regular people just doing their job - and their job is to give you an incredible smile. Make a habit of visiting the dentist regularly, but leave a note with the receptionist mentioning your dental anxiety (it’s a real thing, promise!). The doctor should take this into account and allow for a more friendly, personal experience, explaining any of the dental problems you may have, and how to fix them.  The longer you leave your appointments, the more harm it may do for you, and as a result, you may end up losing all your teeth, needing braces or actually facing the extreme dental appointments all that terrifying equipment calls for. Take it from us; regular check-ups are worth making time for!





We all know we should brush twice a day. It's been embedded into our system since we were children, but this advice also goes hand in hand with your snacking intake. If you find yourself regularly snacking through out the day, on a varied list of foods, your teeth may need more than just those 2 minutes in the morning and night. We advise keeping snacking to a minimum, if at all possible as this will give your mouth time between heavy meals to be free of acidic or sugary food that can linger between each meal, and in turn cause more harm to your teeth as you are only brushing twice a day to combat the constant variety of food entering your mouth.

Did you know Pearl Powder can also whiten teeth? Add a little to your toothpaste and use as you would normally. The Calcium and trace minerals found within the micronised Pearl allow for a deeper clean, and aid in achieving a gleaming white smile. 





For years, sugary food has been the biggest issue when it comes to dental hygiene. Too much sugar will lead to cavities, and consistent cavities will eventually end with an unattractive smile and missing teeth. But, did you know acidic foods can also cause your teeth just as much as harm? Acidic food - think citrus fruit, soft drinks and alcohol - will wear down the enamel of your teeth and cause them to be highly sensitive. This will not result in you losing any teeth any time soon, but it will mean they will become weak and you will find it difficult to enjoy certain food and drink. You will begin to feel a rough metallic sensation upon eating certain foods and it can take out all the enjoyment in your meal times. If you love food as much as we do, do not let this happen. Keep an eye on your fruit and veg intake, and always opt for water when and where possible.





If you’re one of the many who have succumb to this habit, we know it will not be easy to simply stop smoking all together, but the effects of smoking are horrific on the teeth. Many cigarette companies have begun to show the effects of smoking on the packaging, and if you’re a regular smoker, you will have definitely seen the warnings by now. Smoking harms the teeth and mouth in a long list of ways, from the yellow staining to missing teeth and in many cases, mouth cancer. We would love to hear that you have quit, but we know it’s not easy - so for now, start by cutting down. It will at least slow down the effects on the mouth till you can finally quit altogether - hurray!





It’s summer. The sun is shining. Everything is amazing, and nothing sounds better than an ice cold drink. Coke, a martini, or a beer…it all sounds like heaven. By all means, enjoy your favourite summer drinks and indulge in your guilty pleasures, but follow each drink with a glass of ice, cold water. Not only does your body rely on it, but it will keep hangovers at bay and help you recover much quicker the next morning, so you can keep rocking on all summer long….



We hope these tips help you on your way to a brighter smile this summer. Have a lovely week ahead, everybody! For all things Moroccan Natural, visit our  Twitter page @MoroccanNatural, Instagram @Moroccan_Natural or find us on Facebook @ Moroccan Natural.


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