This week, we would like to extend a helping hand to lead you to happiness on this long, interesting and exciting journey through life! But first, it’s giveaway question time. Are you all ready? Have you been paying attention? Let’s hope so because this week we’re offering you FOUR incredible Moroccan Natural products absolutely free! Get your entries in fast to be in with a chance of winning!


Giveaway Question
Where was the Prickly Pear first discovered?
 A ) Mexico
B) Canada
C) Australia



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This weeks competition give away really is a great cleansing kit for all the family.

Let’s start with little bambino. He/she may have a touch of cradle cap, the poor young thing. Wash with the Rhassoul Body Bar using the cashmere soft Kashbou, then apply some Argan Oil - the best oil to apply all over babies. 

The adolescent years are troublesome enough without the added addition of the countless skin problems that arise. Teenage skin is notoriously spotty and it is recommended that African Liquid Black Soap is used for cleansing, which can then be followed by a Rhassoul Clay Mask twice a week to help skin feel cleaner and fresher. 

Women and young girls alike should all pamper themselves, by cleansing with either the Rhassoul Body Bar or the African Liquid Black Soap twice a week. We also encourage using the Rhassoul Clay as a face mask, and when time permits, sink into a whole body mask of Rhassoul Clay and prepare to feel your skin smoother and softer than before. Heaven.

Now, now, boys, we haven't forgotten about you! Men can use the African Liquid Black Soap to shampoo their hair, shave with ALBS and shower with it. Another tip is to also use the Rhassoul Clay as a facemask prior to shaving, as this removes loose skin that builds up in the beard, and makes for the smoothest and cleanest shave ever. This is also an excellent cure for dandruff.

All the family can enjoy the benefits of using the Kashbou, and with complete confidence that the bamboo fibre is made from sustainably sources. Amazing. This is a giveaway you cannot afford to miss out on! 

Now, on to even more exciting stuff - The infamous Law of Attraction.


No, it actually doesn’t have much to do with love or attracting a significant other – well, maybe with practice, that could definitely happen – but rather, it’s about finally living a life you’re not only happy with, but the life you want. Many of us continue in the same dead end jobs, with the same draining groups of friends and partners and settling for a devastatingly miserable life because we assume those are the cards we are dealt.

This simply is not the case. How many endless success stories are out there detailing of how the rich and famous were once working dead-end jobs, or were even homeless and penniless at one point. There success is not due to them being created any differently than you or I, but rather it is the way they had engaged with the life they have. The Law of Attraction is an incredibly difficult concept, but simply put, it means:


To attract situations, people or opportunities into your life by replacing all negative thought with positive thoughts, and allowing them to manifest. Every thought a person processes will manifest, regardless of whether or not they wish it to, and this is where true power lies.


To better understand how to incorporate the Law of Attraction into your every day life, we have devised a step-by-step list for you to begin manifesting your dreams into your reality.


Tip 1: Positive Thoughts


Positive thoughts leave to positive outcomes. Negative thoughts attract a negative outcome. This is the foundation of the Law of Attraction. Thinking positive thoughts is not being being blissfully ignorant of reality, but rather, it is changing your attitude towards a situation that has yet to happen. For example, you have an incredibly important presentation coming up. The future of your position relies on it going well. Naturally, feelings of dread and anxiety will creep up as you begin to think ‘What if it goes horribly wrong? What if I freeze? What if they laugh?’ etc.


Thinking positively challenges you to put all the energy you put into thinking negatively into thinking positively. ‘What if I they absolutely love my presentation? What if I get a promotion out of this? What if everyone gives me a round of applause?!’ See the excitement build up? Because it’s naturally so much easier and liberating to be excited than it is to worry!


Tip 2: Visualisation!


We all have plenty of things we wish we had, or could do, but simply have yet to achieve. Whether it’s landing a new job, finding a partner, getting fit or just finally having enough time and money to go away for a while; these are all things that become incredibly easier to achieve with the Law of Attraction. Hold on, now. This is where it gets a little more complicated…



To attract the new things you want in your life, you must begin to visualise your goal becoming your reality. Not in the past tense, but already believing and feeling as if you have already achieved it. What does it feel like? What does it do for you? How much greater do you feel? Allow these thoughts to run through your mind and manifest into your reality. They will not translate immediately, but by relaying your wishes over and over, they begin to translate into your sub-consciousness. Whether we care to admit or not, our lives are the manifestations of our previous thought processes. That might be a bitter pill to swallow, but not all hope is lost. Life is extraordinary in the sense that each day brings a new beginning and new opportunities to head into a completely new direction. When we allow ourselves to visualise having what we’ve always dreamed of, our sub-consciousness translates this into our actions and we become one step closer to the reality we hope for. Rather than avoiding interactions with a crush, we suddenly begin to seek them out and revel in the fact that they are suddenly within our grasp. Our constant manifestations lead to a natural sense of confidence that allows us to take that step closer towards our goal, rather than shy away. How incredible does that sound?


Tip 3: Feel whole, not empty


With all these manifestations, it’s important to not focus on any sense of lacking in your life. Do not go through your day remembering your manifestations that will ruin all your hard work by negative self talk e.g. “when I finally have this, I’ll be happy”. That’s not how it works! You need to feel complete and whole as you are, and firmly believe the life you want is already within your grasp! It will slowly come together, right under your nose.


Tip 4: Practice Gratitude


All this wanting and wanting, it’s important to show gratitude before and during your journey through manifesting the life you want. Grab a journal and at least once a day, sit down and write all the great things you are grateful for. They can be as simple as going to your favourite coffee shop or as big as being grateful for having a roof over your head and friends and family that love you. Getting into the habit of expressing gratitude daily allows you to be happier as you continue to remind yourself of all your blessings, rather than your troubles – We meant it! No negative thoughts whatsoever!


Tip 5: Set a Time Limit



As you begin to work out all the things you want from life, it’s crucial to set a time limit for these goals. When visualising, you must put all your energy into creating the most detailed of visualisations, and knowing when they will come at a certain time. You must believe it and expect it, as if you know life is preparing to take you towards what it is you’re asking for. This is crucial as if you keep repeating these wants from life and not clearly having an idea of when you would like to finally have achieved that goal, it may take even longer to come about. Be reasonable but give it a time limit. For example, if you want to live abroad, you have to visualise living where you want to live, but also believing that by a certain time, you will live there. Will you be there in 2 months? 6 months? A year? Set a goal and continue to attract it through your positive thoughts, and expressing gratitude as if you already have it, as if it’s already on its way to you.


This may have been one of our most inspirational blogs, but then again…we may stumble on even better wisdom for you quite soon. We hope you enjoyed this weeks post.


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In Mexico. Prickly pear has great health benefits too. Love the blog,very informative. True that people are often ‘judged’ by their first appearance. It’s quite a shame,because it’s like judging book by its cover.But,it’s just the way it is :/


The answer is A ) Mexico. Prickly pears are also delicious to eat, they grow in Egypt too but you have to be very careful when peeling them. Thanks for the above tips!


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