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Eyebrows are either your best friend or worst enemy. They can change your overall appearance and help you look fresher, cleaner and more stunning than you already are. Or, if neglected, they become out of control, take over your face and send everyone running in the other direction…

Yet, however much we complain, there is no better feeling than seeing your reflection after an appointment with your eyebrow lady (we know there’s only ever one for you. Brows are sacred, after all…). The feeling is unmatched. Unexplainable. It’s wonderful! We spend ages in the mirror, admiring her incredible talent; posing, and acting out things we’d say if our confidence matched our brows. We know you do it too!


After much deliberation here in our office, we continue to question how some styles came around. For example, some women opt to fill in part of their eyebrows, others fill in all of their eyebrows, and some shave their eyebrows and draw them back on! To answer our question, we’re heading back in time to look at the beauty queens of the film and modelling industry from the 1920’s till the present tense, paying very close attention to their brow styles and techniques.


1920’s – 30’s




    Barbara La Marr                       Greta Garbo


In the 20’s and 30’s, many film stars such as Barbara and Greta had opted for pencil thin drawn-on eyebrows. This was due to the fact that it had allowed them to convey emotions and an expression easier, as talking was out of the question!


1940’s – 50’s

   Frida Kahlo                         Judy Garland

In the film business, the pencil thin trend continued through Judy Garland and many other stars, however at this point people began to welcome the ‘arch’, A beauty trend that would set the bar for years…

During this time, Frida Kahlo was busy in Mexico making a statement entirely her own, allowing her wonderful thick brows to flourish and totally working her natural look. Tweezers, who? Work it, girl!


1960’s – 70’s



    Elizabeth Taylor               Audrey Hepburn


Thanks to the trends left from the 50’s, stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth began to merge both styles. They would allow their eyebrows to grow naturally, tweeze them lightly and fill them in with pencil to give them more definition. Now, we’re talking. Look at the brows on them…oww. How much better could brows possibly get?


1980’s – 90’s

       Brooke Shields                  Cindy Crawford


Of course…how could we forget the icons of the 80’s. From brows to hair, these women had it all. The 80’s saw the natural look take the eyebrow trend by storm. Women everywhere were allowing their eyebrows to grow naturally and become fuller, with very little use of liner. Cindy Crawford perfected Hepburn’s arch and Brooke Shields followed in Frida’s footsteps and completely worked her flyaway hairs at the beginning of her brows, but doesn’t she look marvellous?



2000’s – Present


    Cara Delevingne                Kristen Stewart


At this stage, it comes as no surprise that thick full brows are in, and the natural look is a total win. As time has passed, we have seen women confidently work with their natural eyebrows, turning to liner to fill in the gaps or create more of an impact, and threading to allow for a sharper, cleaner look. Sophistication at it’s finest. Our brow heroines, we salute you.


Brow Resurrection

After decades of fine-tuning, it’s no wonder why we give eyebrows their importance. They can create effortless glam, sophistication and va-va-voom if paired with correctly winged eyeliner and bold lips. It’s surprising how very little maintenance they require in our younger years, but as we get older it all gets a bit too haywire…one eyebrow refuses to curve like the other, the hairs at the very beginning only point in one direction and that’s up, they start to lose thickness, their lustre, shape and definition. They also grow in different lengths, thickness and colours (one friend swears that hers grow in purple, mauve and red). It’s a soul-crushing reminder of our youth escaping us. After plucking, dying, waxing, threading and god knows what else, it’s no wonder our eyebrows throw in the towel. However, all hope is not lost! On a recent trip to Dubai, the team at Moroccan Natural discovered the salon Browz by Michele, where brows are rescued and given a new life. They help to recreate your image, giving your appearance a total overhaul and revamp of the old you. Discover the next eyebrow tip early and pay Browz by Michele a visit soon.


Without a doubt, Michele is the uncrowned ‘Queen of Brows’ and is single handedly responsible for putting the “WOW” in “bwows”!!! (No, we’re not sorry for that one! Pun-lovers eat your heart out!)


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