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Back to the topic at hand, as we near Valentines Day it seems that we all fit into one of two categories; happy and in love, or single and miserable. Everywhere we look, advertising campaigns and films are either made to appeal to one or the other, as if to suggest if you are not in love, then you are compelled to be miserable, crying into your tub of ice cream and feeling sorry for yourself.




In the 3rd century AD, Emperor Claudius II of the Roman Empire banned marriage as he felt it had ruined potentially good soldiers. St Valentine had been a priest at the time, and did not agree with the Emperor’s views. In an act of rebellion for love, St Valentine continued to marry young lovers, but once the Emperor had found out, he was imprisoned and sentenced to death. It was also rumoured that St Valentine had fallen in love with his jailer’s daughter, and nearing his execution, he had written her a letter and signed it with “your valentine”. St Valentine became known as the martyr of love, due to his actions.


As time went on, many people began to commemorate their love for their significant other on February 14th. However, it is has also come to light that the occasion has become commercialised, even more so than it had been since it originated. This commercialisation means that it is EVERYWHERE. And, that’s fine if you have someone to spend the day with, but if you don’t? Think of all the widowed men and women spending the day at home alone, being reminded of a love that was once theirs? Contemplate, the young teenagers feeling the pressure of getting a rose or love letter from their crushes at school, and being made to feel awful after being ignored for someone “better”? Valentines day is a beautiful day, as well as a deeply tragic one.


We propose to celebrate St Valentine differently this year. Here’s how you can spread the love this holiday occasion.


  1. Single parents need love too.

If your parents are no longer together, why not treat your mother or father for a nice dinner out? It will mean the world to them to share it with their pride and joy; their child. Don't forget to love those who loved you from the very beginning. They deserve and appreciate every minute of your time. 


  1. Feel the love by organising a romcom sleepover with the girls!

Call all your single friends, grab dinner and organise a girls night in. Who needs love and relationships when friends are forever? Stock up on Bridget Jones, Ben and Jerry’s and popcorn, and laugh the night away with your favourite gals.


  1. Everyone forgets the homeless…

The amount of discounted chocolates and gifts the day after Valentines is incredible! Buy a few things and remind those without a home or roof over their head that they are loved. You may just make their day.


  1. The labourers of love.

As Valentine's Day is not a bank holiday, many people continue to work on Valentine's Day. If you know of a colleague who will be spending the day alone, why not offer them a rose or chocolate to brighten their mood? A simple kind act goes a very long way for those who cannot join in on the fun. Keen to go the extra mile? Take them for a coffee, or maybe lunch!


  1. Love starts at home

Feeling loved and being loved is a wonderful feeling, but why search for that feeling from another, when you have every means of feeling it yourself? The overused phrase that is “love yourself” is very cliché, but my goodness, is it true. Feeling love for yourself means you live a much happier existence, putting yourself first and granting yourself worthy of every joy and happiness that exists. Do not let Valentines day and other commercial holidays fool you into thinking you need another person to complete you. Love is a wonderful feeling, and you can experience it right now, if you would just allow it. Buy yourself something nice, or book a spa getaway. You deserve it! 


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