We are all about the arts. We adore great music, literature, film, paintings and more. However, this week dance has peaked our fascination once again after seeing a beautiful sequence by Slavik Kryklyvvy & Elena Khorova in their rendition of the Rumba called ‘Guaguancó’ (The dance of love). The dance follows the chase of a man attempting to touch his partner’s thighs, yet she toys with him and attempts to calm his advances. The dance is spectacular, and for this reason we urge you to see it!


Dance presents many opportunities for self-expression, whether it is from a personal perspective, an artistic one, or even a cultural perspective. It has been said dance has been around since 3300 BC, and since then, has gone on to take its own life within the realm of each culture. As the years have passed, dance styles have advanced and been transported overseas, with different cultures exploring the world of dance. There are various shows around the globe that have welcomed professional and amateur dancers and challenged them to take on dance styles from other nations. It’s unanimous – we all love a good sing and dance!




Not only is dance a great and fun form of exercise (if you need proof, we urge you to see Elena’s figure above again…), but it also makes you happier. Any form of exercise will soon release endorphins, but it has been clinically proven that dance will get you on your way to happiness much faster. Dancing works in a way that brings out an instant emotional release, as opposed to various other forms of exercise. The beauty of music is its power to allow the listener to feel something, and dancing allows for that expression to come out. It becomes a form of instant escapism and pleasure.


We’ve been dancing our way through the week, here in the office, and we feel incredible! We want you to feel just as good as we do (as always!). Here’s how you can dance your way to a better you.



  1. Dance around the house!


The easiest way to start dancing more is to do it right in your very own home. Turn up the radio or put your earphones in and dance your worries away. Also, to get your morning off to the right start, invest in a good shower radio and dance till you’re energised and ready to go! It’s never too early to sink into your morning pick-me-up playlist.


  1. Go for a night out

There’s nothing like a dark room, a few of your favourite drinks and a great crowd of friends to help you let your guard down and dance away. Even if the music doesn’t seem to be your taste, the atmospheres of most clubs urge you to relax and let go. Dancing is for everybody. Go have fun!


  1. Join your local Zumba class

Now, if you dread your weekly workouts, and find yourself counting down the seconds till your workout is finished, maybe there’s a better alternative to staying fit – and we know what it is. ZUMBA! Zumba was first founded in 1999, but it was not until a few years ago that it suddenly took the world by storm. Gyms began offering classes, and many gaming platforms that use physical movement began introducing game editions of the latest fitness/dance rage. Zumba makes fitness fun, and it’s even more enjoyable with a friend. Grab a friend and find out why Zumba’s the most fun you will have exercising ever again.


  1. Take exotic dance lessons
Every culture has its own style of music, and dance to compliment the rhythm. Why not explore the world of Bachata, Salsa or even folk dancing? There’s a great feeling of accomplishment when learning a dance style totally out of your comfort zone, and performing it to your friends and family with flair. Find out about local dance classes and learn something new and exciting!





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