Fall Skincare 101: What You Have To Know

Fall Skincare 101: What You Have To Know

Fall is here. It's time to get out your favourite pullovers and to prepare your skin to a newly updated ritual. Here our guide to Fall Skincare 101: What You Have To Know.

As you body need different clothes to get protected from cold weather, your face will crave a different routine. When we say "different" we mean updated. Indeed, if you've finally found the right steps in your daily skincare, it's always the right choice to avoid huge changes. Let's see together which are our advice to achieve glowing skin during fall.

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As you may already know, cleansing is an essential step in the perfect skincare routine. After a long day of working and walking around the city, it's necessary to remove all the dust and excess sebum that your skin naturally produces. This step will prevent from black and whiteheads along with pimples and other breakouts that we want to avoid. Cleansing is also the step that will prep your skin to absorb all the nutrients from serums, creams and oils. 

Look for a less drying cleansing product for the Fall. With your skin producing less oil in colder temperatures, it’s time for something a little thicker, like a moisturizing cleanser or an oil based one.


Getting rid of any layers of dry, dead skin is a great way to prep your skin for cooler months. You can consider exfoliation as a kind-of-a-deeper-cleansing process. You're removing the dead cells to let free the new, healthy skin that is underneath. During fall and winter as well, go for a gentle chemical or physical exfoliant depending on your skin type. Usually, during these cold months, skin is more sensitive da usual and we don't want to make it even more sensitive.

Hydrate & Moisturize

Please hydrate and moisturize more! Keep in mind that hydration is something that comes mostly from the inside. This means you have to drink drink drink to avoid dryness. Everyone is different but, in general, two litres of water a day is the right amount to keep your whole body healthy. 

When we talk about moisturizing, we mean products that keep skin's hydration. Moisturizers, like oils, are developed to protect your skin and nourishing it at the same time. Switch from the lightweight or oil-free products you loved in June, July and August to a thicker formula. Our favourite is Pure Organic Argan Oil. This oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E, which is an incredible anti-ageing aid. If your skin is a bit oily or you want to boost the anti-ageing effect, go for the Prickly Pear Seed Oil. This rare and luxurious oil has the higher level of Vitamin E and it's light consistency makes it perfect for oily skin as well.


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Treat your lips!

Usually, during summertime, we forget to take care of our beautiful lips because they are not that dry during those months. Now that cold weather is coming, is a good practice to keep a lip balm always with you to keep them moisturized. As a night treatment, we suggest using an anti-ageing oil + a bit of Pearl Powder to prevent "barcodes" around mouth area as well. If you want to save time, try Argan glow Rollerball: a unique blend of Argan Oil, Pearl Powder and Sea Buckthorn Oil. This mix was developed to deliver you a super concentrated anti-ageing and collagen-booster product. 

Last but not least...


We know, it may sound weird. Even during winter time, wearing sunscreen is the key to keep your skin youthful and elastic. Sun is a natural oxidant and even though you don't get burn, actually it is irremediably damaging your cellular structure! So wear sunscreen (minimum SPF 30) every damn day over your skincare. If you want to protect from sun & give your self an anti-oxidant treatment, mix a bit of Pearl Powder in your favourite cream or oil. It is known that powders are a natural sun protector and + this one is made whit crushed pearls: rich in amino acids, calcium and highly antioxidant (that's why Cleopatra used to eat it!).



Which is your favourite fall skincare product?

Enjoy ;) 




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