FIVE Ways To Use Pearl Powder

FIVE Ways To Use Pearl Powder


It's the 3000 years old beauty secret, Cleopatra's favourite aid to achieve and maintain their youthful, beautiful skin. Here FIVE unique ways to use your Pearl Powder.

Pearl Powder is known for its outstanding benefits and results like brighter, glowing skin, even tone, elastic skin. Modern science studies are now supporting the ancient Chinese medicines' and Ayurved's beliefs about this rich magical dust.

Rich in amino acids, proteins, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, silica, selenium an more, Pearl Powder is the one product that acts as an anti-aging remedy, removes melasma, nourish the skin, improves cells metabolism and collagen production, reduces large facial pores and speeds acne healing.

In addition to being almost an all in one product, Pearl Powder is a versatile product that can be easily mixed with your favourite oils, creams, serums, and masks. Here there are our favourite unique ways to use Moroccan Natural Pearl Powder. 

1. Pimple Spot treatment

We love to learn tips and tricks from our costumers themselves. This is a great advice that Cristina Marano (IG shared with us a couple of months ago. Start by cleansing and gently exfoliating the affected area, now dust a tiny amount of pearl powder as it is or mixed with your favourite serum on the pimple. We suggest using Pearl Powder as a pimple spot treatment in the evening, at least one hour before going to bed. By doing so, the skin has time to drink all the nutrients before your face touches the pillow.

2. Instant Glow Primer

If you ever used Pearl Powder before you'll certainly know that this magical dust gives you an instant, natural glow when applied onto the skin. This #MNtip is great if you're going to a natural makeup look and you want to keep it simple but glowy, or if you're preparing for a night out and you want to shine like a star all night long. Simply add one pearl-sized amount of pearl powder either to your beloved moisturizer or your liquid foundation, blend it well, lightly rub hands together to evenly distribute the product, use quick, repetitive gentle taps until the product disappears into your skin.

Tip: Just remember that Pear Powder is a dry ingredient and it will make your moisturizer or foundation thicker: go for a light, liquid product to make it easier to blend.

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3. Pore Reducer

Everyone has lots of pores, but some peoples’ are more visible than others, especially around the nose, front part of the cheeks, and forehead. For the most part, the size of our pores can be determined by three things: our age, where we’re at in our hormonal cycle, and our genes. Our advice is to cleanse and detox your pores from dirt, dust, and pollution (Rhassoul Clay is a great aid for that), nebulizer Rose Water to hydrate, calm and moisturize skin while balancing your pH. Now it's time to apply Pearl Powder with a makeup brush where needed to reduce pores and heal the skin at the same time.

4. Daily Supplement

We already told you that Pearl Powder is an extremely versatile product but our fourth way to use it may surprise you anyway. Yes, this magic dust is a great daily supplement if you want youthful, beautiful, glowing skin from the inside to the outside. Fortunately, it's almost tasteless, you can add it to your daily breakfast, smoothies or bone broth to boost your collagen production. If taken orally, Pearl Powder is a great supplement to achieve strong bone, healthy eyes and brain. Read Dr Will Cole article to learn more about it

5. Night Healing Treatment

During the night you can really make full use of Pearl Powder's benefits. Follow your regular evening skincare routine and use our Wonder Mixture to deeply heal and nourish your skin. Preparing the Wonder Mixture is quick and easy: mix a bit of Pearl Powder with some drops of pure, organic Argan Oil, apply to face and decollete, leave it the whole night. You'll thanks us the morning after ;)
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enjoy ;)
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