✨ Green Tea DIY Brightening Mask ✨

✨ Green Tea DIY Brightening Mask ✨

Inspired by Japanese traditional ingredients, @milkydewy developed an easy but effective DIY brightening mask featuring Moroccan Natural Pearl Powder. Keep reading if you want natural  ✨glowing ✨ skin!

At Moroccan Natural we always study to delivery you useful information, instruction on how to use a product or tips to use it even better. However, sometimes it's You that tell us something new and interesting like @milkydewy did! This lovely girl from Milan shared with us and her following an easy peasy DIY brightening mask that will make your skin GLOW! Let's give a quick look at the recipe.

pearl powder mask

You'll need...

🍃 1 tablespoon of Japanese Matcha powder

🌨 1 tablespoon of Moroccan Natural Pearl Powder

💦 6 ml of water approximately 

Matcha Powder

"Zen Buddhists cultivated the green tea plant, called "sencha", by growing it under shade conditions thus maximizing the therapeutic benefits of the green tea, or what became known as "Matcha".

What began as a "sencha" plant, evolved into what is known as "tencha", the basis for this highly revered and carefully cultivated shade grown green tea plant.
The Zen Buddhists were very aware of the meditational benefits of this "Matcha" green tea, which brought to them a greater sense of clarity and well-being.

They found that in drinking this tea before their afternoon meditations that it enabled them to be much more "centred", "focused", and maintain a level of sustained energy throughout the afternoon which they had never experienced before. This special green tea eventually became known as "Matcha, the Ceremonial tea of the temple high priests"." (source Got Matcha)

This Asian beauty aid will help you:

  • even out your complexion
  • treat acne
  • prevent and reverse signs of ageing
  • tone your skin
  • protect and treat sun damage

Isn't it incredible? We highly suggest purchasing organic and sustainable Matcha Tea Powder, it's better for you and for the environment.

Pearl Powder 


If you've been following us for a while you may already know what Pearl Powder is. For those who are new to this phenomenal product, here it is a brief recap of some of Pearl Powder benefits:

  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes collagen production and skin elasticity 
  • Removes melasma (which causes age spots and dark patches)
  • Speeds healing and removes blotches, acne scarring and dry patches
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Promotes glowing radiance thanks to conchiolin
  • Improves cell metabolism

Pearl Powder is just what it says - micronised pearls. You can use it as a supplement or externally, mixing it to your cream, oil or mask as @milkydewy does.

Let's Mask!


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Place Pearl Powder and Matcha tea powder into a mixing bowl and slowly add water while blending all together. When you feel that you have the right consistency and both powders are well blended, you can proceed with the application.

Leave the brightening mask for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse off. If you want to leave it on more, just keep spraying a bit of Rose Water to keep it nice and wet. Doing so you'll avoid dryness.

enjoy ;)

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✨ Green Tea DIY Brightening Mask ✨ – Moroccan Natural
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✨ Green Tea DIY Brightening Mask ✨ – Moroccan Natural
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