Ingredient To Know: Rose Geranium 🌹

Ingredient To Know: Rose Geranium 🌹

Used by the Egyptians for promoting beautiful and radiant skin, geranium oil is now used to treat acne, reduce inflammation, alleviate anxiety and balance hormones. This sweet-smelling oil can also uplift your mood, lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness. Discover more about this supreme ingredient. 

Rose Geranium oil is commonly used as an element in aromatherapy for its many health benefits. It’s used as a holistic treatment to improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Its chemical properties make Rose Geranium Oil an essential ingredient in your skincare routine.

Geranium oil is non-toxic, nonirritant and generally non-sensitizing — and the therapeutic properties of include being an antidepressant, an antiseptic and wound-healing. Geranium oil may also be one of the best oils for such diverse dermatological problems as oily or congested skin, eczema, and dermatitis.

Some of the most common Rose Geranium Oil benefits are:

  • Balances hormones
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces depression
  • Minimizes inflammation
  • Improves circulation
  • Alleviates the effects of menopause
  • Improves dental health
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Benefits the health of your skin
  • Improves dental health

Because Rose Geranium oil is an astringent, it induces contractions in several parts of the body. It has the power to minimize the look of wrinkles because it tightens facial skin and slows down the effects of ageing. Patt two pumps of geranium oil into your face and neck twice daily. After a week or two, you will see the look of your wrinkles begin to fade away. Try to believe!

Rose Geranium Oil Rollerball; moroccan natural

Geranium oil promotes cell growth; it helps to recycle dead cells and supports the regeneration of new cells. This will allow your metabolism to work more effectively.

If you want to achieve youthful healthy skin this is the must-have ingredient in your bathroom shelf. At Moroccan Natural we love this product so much that we decided to produce two travel sized packaging (30ml bottle and 10ml rollerball).

rose geranium oil; moroccan natural 

enjoy ;) 

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