Not only have we seen the young Prince George start his first day of school, but a statement from Kensington Crown Court has been released stating Prince William and Kate are expecting another child! It seems only yesterday we had all welcomed the beautiful young princess Charlotte into our hearts, and so soon there is another on the way. We could not be more joyful for the Royal Family and we hope for a safe and healthy pregnancy for Kate.

Motherhood is not a joyful experience for most women as it can have awful side effects, sadly some of which even Royals cannot escape. Kate, unfortunately, had to miss George’s first day of school this week due to morning sickness. However, even with all the troubles that can accompany pregnancy, Kate wears Motherhood well...


Our Duchess of Cambridge has impeccable style and even ensures that her darling children always look just as presentable and groomed as she. We’ve compiled a few of our favourite looks from Kate as she sails through Motherhood with absolute grace and charm.




1. Prince William and Kate arrive in Germany, July 2017





As Brexit begins to take effect, Prince William and his family tour Germany and Poland to ease the tension that will result from Brexit. Kate Middleton wore a beautifully simple knee-length fitted purple dress, that not only accentuated her trim figure, but also matched alongside Prince Williams tie and both of her children’s outfits. A wonderfully simple lavender elegance to set the tone for their trip.


2. Kate Middleton Steals the Show on Christmas Day, 2016



With the dreadfully low temperatures that accompany the festive season, you will not be surprised to see us wearing at least five layers – whether they even match is another thing altogether. We cannot bear to be without our thick knit scarves, we will be the first to admit our style takes a back seat as the cold weather nips. Yet the Duchess is a vision of style, elegance and warmth in this deep burgundy/brown knee length jacket. We are mesmerised by the fit, colour and stunning faux fur neckline.  Maybe – just maybe – we can take a note from her book and also beat the cold in Royal fashion…


 3. The Duchess of Cambridge at Trooping the Colour, 2017



 This may be one of our absolute favourite looks of Kate. Her beautiful white number with stunning pearls and a light baby pink statement hat to compliment the unbearably sweet Princess Charlotte is how we all dream of looking in the midst of Motherhood. There is something strangely reminiscent of the late Princess Diana in this photograph. Kate takes to motherhood just as fish takes to water, and Diana took to raising Prince William and Prince Harry.


4. Kate Middleton with her son Prince George arriving in New Zealand, April 2014




It seems we are not alone in seeing the resemblance in style between Kate and the late Princess Diana. Kate’s Catherine Walker coat not only had plenty of people talking, but harks back to Diana’s bold red jacket Diana wore when visiting New Zealand in 1984. It is a very clear nod of approval to the late princess’ style.

We are mesmerised by Kate Middleton, and could spend hours talking about her impeccable sense of style, how wonderful of a mother she is and how we cannot wait to welcome the new baby on the way!

Are you excited too? Which of Kate’s looks are you also a fan of? Do let us know, we love to hear your opinions. Get in touch via our Twitter page @MoroccanNatural, Instagram @Moroccan_Natural or find us on Facebook @ Moroccan Natural.


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