“You are the colours you choose”

In London, it’s as if many forget there are many other colours in the spectrum beyond black, white and grey. Metropolitan Londoners always seem to opt for monochrome and simple colour schemes to convey their “chic” demeanour. However, we simply cannot understand it as we love colour and we adore every colour of the spectrum. Colours do more than make something appear more appealing and exciting. Colours can also be energies, and that is exactly what Vicky Wall is eager to help us understand. We do not give colour nearly enough importance as we should.


Before we delve into the world of Aura Soma, it’s crucial to understand how colours can help us identify all the different energies within us, and where the energy points are located. The body has 7 different Chakra points, all responsible for different spiritual energies, and it’s crucial they are understood and kept in line as failure to do this can result in illness in the corresponding energy point.


You may have encountered the word “aura” before, signifying the colour/energy you omit based on how you are feeling and what sort of person you are. Aura’s and chakra energies go hand in hand as the aura you omit will signify your state of mind and which chakra point is strongest. To better understand the importance of colour, it is fundamental to understand each chakra point, the corresponding energy colour and how to align all chakras.


The 7 Chakra Points

1. Root Chakra - RED


The Root Chakra is most concerned with stability and security. It can be blocked by fear, and these fears come from the security material possessions may give you, i.e. money, a phone or car. As this is the root chakra, all energy begins here and it is crucial this chakra point is addressed and taken care of as good will come from as the aim of aligning your chakra points is to help all energies flow through the body easily.


To work on the root chakra, try to wear red more often and decorate your surrounding space with bursts of red. Red fruits and vegetables will also help in cleansing the chakra point, so stock up on raspberries and strawberries to help reboot your root chakra ready for the week ahead.

2. Sacral Chakra - ORANGE


When in line, this chakra can help you thrive in your creative abilities, confidence and sexuality. When this energy point is unbalanced, it can lead to addiction issues, loneliness and create an emotional imbalance. Those struggling with confidence, or having addictive tendencies towards drugs and alcohol must find a way to clear this chakra system if they wish to feel better and let go of their setbacks.


To help clear this chakra point of all blocks, wear orange and eat plenty of oranges, satsuma’s, sweet potato and carrots. Anything orange is in! Decorate your space with orange and meditate, focusing on the energy flow around this chakra point.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra - YELLOW

The Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for influencing self confidence, emotional regulation and the ego. When in line, it can help you control and make sense of your fears, allow you to feel powerful in your capabilities and also give greater strength to your gut instincts. When off balance, it is common to develop eating disorders, anxiety and an overwhelming feeling of a loss of control.


To balance this chakra, fill your diet with yellow fruit and veg, as well as also drinking lemon infused water regularly to help you on your way to feeling in control again. This chakra is the most commonly out of line, so it may need a lot of work, but it will pay off! You will feel much better and bring a zest of energy back into your life.

4. Heart Chakra - GREEN


Love and compassion rule the Heart Chakra, allowing us to spread warmth and affection around us and give us that “feel-good” feeling. When in line, this chakra will ignite compassion within you, as well as helping your ability to connect with others, experience love from more than a romantic place and also allow you to feel safe. When not in balance, it can easily lead to feelings of rejection, disconnection from others and a sense of hopelessness.


To align this chakra, add more leafy greens to your diet and wear jade green as much as possible. Buy a flower or cactus for your desk and energise your space with the colour green.

5. Throat Chakra - BLUE

The Throat Chakra influences your ability to communicate with others, creativity, truthfulness, intuition, self knowledge and self-expression. When it is off balance, it can lead to thyroid dysfunctions, sore throats, a stiff neck, ulcers, tooth and gum problems, indecision, lack of creativity and mood swings.


To align this chakra, you must pay careful attention to the words you speak, remembering to keep true to your word, refrain from blocking this chakra by never speaking your mind. It is healthy to speak your mind as your words have their own energy and when they remain at the throat and are not spoken, it creates a block that will lead to a sore throat or thyroid problems. If you find yourself suffering from any illness related to the throat, it may be worth spending some time working on aligning your throat chakra. You may also spend time by the ocean as this will surround you with all the deep blue you can gather! In terms of foods, try to eat more blueberries - great timing because they are finally back in season too!

6. Third Eye Chakra - INDIGO

The Third Eye Chakra is your most powerful energy as it holds the power for self-realisation, drives your imagination, intelligence and guides inspired thought. When in line, your ability to stay calm in a difficult situation comes with ease, and you are able to find solutions to on-going problems with your internal world and your external experience of the world. When out of balance, you may experience frequent headaches, nightmares, sleeping problems, depression, confusion and impaired judgement.


To align this chakra, you must cleanse the body by eating pure and healthy foods and avoiding highly fluoridated water and using toothpastes with high levels of fluoride. The third eye chakra can be very easily blocked by over consumption of fluoride, and it is one of the chakra points we cannot afford to remain off balance as this will shape our experience of our day-to-day life and our ability to choose between fight or flight in difficult situations. It is also advised to wear indigo if possible, and use lavender oil as it helps calm the mind.


7. Crown Chakra - VIOLET


The Crown Chakra is the peak of all chakra points, allowing you to connect to your spiritual side, ignite wisdom, fuel imagination even further and a direct connection to the divine. It can help you understand faith and create your own understanding and connection to the divine. When off balance, it is common to feel physical exhaustion, materialism, lack of spiritual connections, apathetic and a sensitivity to light and sound.


This chakra is different in the sense that its development relies on practices other than what is included in your diet. It is built on spending time meditating as this can energise the crown chakra and will benefit it the most.




Aura-Soma aids you in aligning your chakras and helping you work out which chakra points need close attention. The essential oil is a mix of herbal extracts containing energies that work in harmony with your corresponding chakra point. Their range of oils includes over 100 different combinations of colours. You must pick four combinations of colours and apply them in a very specific way depending on your goal. They include a detailed step by step process of the application process, and a book guide explaining the different oils, the colour combinations they create and what they signify. The Aura-Soma collection presents a very unique way of balancing your chakras, and bringing more of a chakra infused colour into your life and your meditation habits. You can find out more about the collection at www.aura-soma.net


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what color is indigo please it is not violet and it is not blue so what is it a mix of I have an old copy of Mike Booth and Irene Dalichow on aura soma and that color is not mentioned

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