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Christmas is finally here. After all the last minute runs to get presents, the shockingly informative office parties and the countless glasses of fizz we’ve already consumed, the Christmas cheer is finally here. Nonetheless, if there’s any time it’s perfectly acceptable to over-indulge; it’s the Christmas season. Diets go out the window, along with budget restrictions, acceptable drinking limits, work responsibilities and god knows what else. It’s a time to enjoy, relax and indulge in all the ways we love. For us at Moroccan Natural, the best way to treat ourselves is by a visit to a luxurious spa- or using our very own Hammam kit. The Hamman kit offers you your very own spa aromatherapy, right in the comfort of your home, and for an incredibly cheaper price. Find out more about our Hamman kit here.


However, if you are after an incredibly luxurious spa getaway, then we’ve got the best places for you. We’ve narrowed it down to our top 5 favourites. Why not give them ago to rid yourself of the upcoming January blues?

  1. Four Seasons Sayan, Bali (Double Bedroom £320pn)


If thy wish be ultimate relaxation, then the Four Seasons is the place for you. The Four Seasons offers a paradise away from all your troubles and worries, with countless spa treatments on offer to cleanse you in every sense there is. Their spa offers wonderful experiences from Chakra Ceremonies to Body Scrubs, Facial Treatments, Yoga, Balinese Healing Rituals, Massages, Spa Programs and even Salon Treatments. Once you visit, it’ll be incredibly difficult to find any good reason to leave…Find out more.


  1. Royal Mansour Hotels, Marrakech, Morocco (One Bedroom £680 pn)

For the authentic Hamman experience, we wholeheartedly recommend the Royal Mansour Hotel, Marrakech. Not only is the hotel located in the heart of the most visited and tourist friendly city of Morocco, but it also offers a wide range of spa treatments designed to meet any, and every one of your needs. The Spa offers services such as facials, deep tissue massages, body treatments, pedicures and manicures, and of course, the authentic Hamman. Find out more on their website here. 


  1. Nihi Watu, Sumba Island, Bali (Villa £605)

The Spa Safari at Nihi Watu can easily be dubbed the spa experience of a lifetime. After a 90-minute trek through the city and forest, your own beauty therapist greets you at the end, and your wish is their command – they cater to your needs and provide any beauty treatment you would like. The pampering continues upon arrival back at the hotel, where guests are treated to further massages and treatments, as well as “wellness experiences”, releasing you from the stress you’ve left behind and allowing you to feel the true magic of a paradise. Find out more here.


  1. Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand (£145 per night)

Kamalaya insists we feel ‘life’s potential’, and their programs are designed to do just that. With services that help you maintain your physical health, coping with stress, finding an emotional balance and even detox programmes, your health is taken care of in all the ways that will help you feel better and be ready to take life by the horns once again! Find out more here.


  1. SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain. (Double Bedroom £240 pn)

SHA Wellness Clinic is far from what usually comes to mind when we hear the world “clinic”. It’s treatments all are all aimed at optimum health, but in ways that help rejuvenate you. SHA helps those struggling with various problems from tobacco addiction to weight loss, sleep issues, stress and even just to bring back the old you again, with treatments designed to relax you and bring you peace. Find out more here.

Book your getaway soon and let us know how you enjoy it! Or for your own DIY Spa Therapy, you can order our luxurious spa kit on our website.


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