For all those who wore glasses when they were “uncool”, the new trend is sure to have you raising your chic brows at all those who missed the fact that you were simply ahead of your time - ha-ha, look who has the last laugh now. Everywhere you look, ‘face furniture’ (you can quote us on that) is on the rise. Specs are back in style, from thick black square frames, to simple thin golden circular frames – there’s a style to suit everyone and everyone is on it! Face furniture is all well and good, and can help tie a look together perfectly, but you need a beautiful blank canvas to draw all the attention to your spectacular spectacles. Naturally gorgeous skin is a blessing not all of us have had bestowed upon us, but that’s okay. We’re here to help! We have so many clever little products that tackle all different types of skin that we simply had to create guides to help clear skin, minimise lines and wrinkles, get rid of problem areas, minimise inflammation and so much more! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be creating a guide for Problem/Combination skin (24th June), and Sensitive Skin ( 1st July)  outlining the problems you may face, the best products to help ease your frustrations and a few extra tips and rituals to help you along the way.

This week, we’ll be taking you through the best tips, products and advice for Dry and Ageing Skin. We hope you enjoy all our helpful little guides, and have your blank canvas gleaming and ready for your Face Furniture in no time.




At some point or another, we find ourselves suffering from dry and ageing skin. Nobody wants to see signs of ageing, especially on their lovely face! It’s devastating, and it almost feels helpless as its deemed as a rite of passage. Wrong. Many even at the age of 50 and above continue to have gleaming, soft skin with very few wrinkles due to their diet, lifestyle habits and trusting in their everyday skin routines. This week, we’ll be helping you work out the best way to tackle dry and ageing signs, and how to hopefully stop them dead in their tracts, bringing back lustre and vitality to your skin. Before we begin, we hope you know there is beauty and wisdom in ageing, and forever holding on to youth may result in you missing the beauty that follows every stage of life.




There are a number of signs that come as a result of dry and ageing skin, and many might suffer from a few rather the entirety of the list that follows:


  •  Wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet
  • Patchy-rough skin
  • Powder-like appearance of skin


Dry and ageing skin are a symptom of when skin begins to lose the natural moisture that is made up of fat and protein from the daily choices you make. Poor diet choices and lack of water intake will in most cases result in skin being unable to retain its natural fat and oils that keep skin moist and supple that it relies on from your diet. Dry skin is also a major consequence of long-term smokers, lack of moisturising and daily facial care.


In some cases, dry skin will last for a short while (weeks at best), but if it is untreated or it is not reacting well to proper care, it is advised to seek medical help from a dermatologist as skin can become very irritated and result in a red rash (xerodermatitis).








Pearl Powder has been used for centuries by the most elite and beautiful to defy ageing skin and promote a youthful, clean and firming appearance to tired skin. It has been known to be Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt’s beauty secret along with Empress Wu of China. The Pearl Powder encompasses 36 different trace minerals and is full of Vitamin C, restoring skin vitality with regular use and slowing down the ageing process in skin.


Directions: Mix a pearl-sized spatula of Pearl Powder with a spoon of mixed egg whites and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Mix together and apply over freshly washed skin, allowing to set for 5 minutes and then rinsing with warm water. Follow with a moisturising face cream, or oil and voila. Your face will feel instantly softer, smoother and radiant.


For best results, carry out use once a week for at least 3 weeks, although results are almost always seen instantly!


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As we mentioned earlier, skin relies on proteins and fats to help keep skin moisturised. In some cases, our great diet choices do not translate to the health of our skin and more needs to be done. Argan Oil is often referred to as ‘Liquid Gold’ as it possesses the abilities to help keep skin moisturised, aids in anti-ageing due to its rich Vitamin E content and also acts as a saviour against skin prone to psoriasis, eczema, acne and even chicken box. A name rightfully earned, we like to think!


The wonderful quality of Argan Oil is that it is also light and non-greasy, as many shudder away from the idea of applying oil to their face – but your face needs it! It’s the natural oils on our skin that help us shine and retain our youth.


Directions: Apply Argan Oil as a moisture to nourish the face and body, morning and night as you would with any moisturiser. If you find there is still excess oil on the skin, wipe it away gently with a tissue.



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Argan Rose Serum is the thicker counterpart of our modest Argan Oil, made up of a blend of luxurious oils that are designed to offer the benefits of Argan Oil with the renowned properties of Rose Geranium.

Its use is intended to deliver heavy moisture for especially dry skin in need of a deep oil to penetrate said dryness. It can battle damage as a result of environmental pollution, sun damage, wind and toxins, as well as also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Directions: Apply twice a day to cleansed face, gently massaging into the skin in delicate circular movements. 


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Argan Radiance takes our humble Argan Oil a step further into luxury by its addition of Sea Buckthorn Oil. Sea Buckthorn is extracted from the fruit and is known for its deep healing properties for using as a soothing method for cuts and bruises.


By adding Sea Buckthorn to our precious Argan Oil, it gives it the ability to fight off ageing by stimulating new cell growth, and increase collagen levels to help improve the skin’s radiance.


Directions: Apply this precious blend of miracle oils to the face and massage into the skin. Use daily for best results.


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As we get older, we begin to notice our dark under eye-circles seeming more defined than ever before, and if this wasn’t enough, we can see the on-set of wrinkles and crow’s feet. Crying in despair is inevitable, but using our Soothe and Smooth Eyes will be your new favourite beauty miracle.


Soothe and Smooth Eyes is designed specifically for the eye area due to its blend of wonderful natural oils and our secret ingredient: Cucumber Seed Oil! Rather than applying fresh cucumber slices to the eye area, we have taken the very best qualities of cucumbers to add to our eye-area roll-on to help combat all the dreaded signs of ageing.


Directions: Cleanse the skin with your favourite gentle face wash and pat dry with a soft towel. Apply Soothe and Smooth Eyes directly below the eyes in a back and forth motion, to allow the area to reap all the benefits of the luxurious oils.


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Rose water has been a staple in the beauty industry and its no wonder why. This light delicate product doubles as a skin toner and mood enhancer. It's light substance soothes into delicate skin right into deep set wrinkles and acne prone skin, helping to cool troubled areas and tone them overtime. 


Our Organic Rose water is also rich in Alpha Omega 3, sourced deep within pristine waters of the Northeast Pacific Ocean, its contents allow it to be rich in amino acids to be able to moisturise, tone, smooth and elevate the skins natural appearance!


Directions: Rose water can be used as a toner after cleansing the face. Pat the product into the skin and allow it to absorb all its benefits before your makeup routine.


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  • Pearl Powder is such a clever, versatile product that it can even be taken internally. Add Pearl Powder to your favourite cocktails and smoothies for an extra nutritional boost. The Pearl Powder is 100% edible, and ingesting it is common practice in parts of Asia due to its supernatural abilities!!


We hope you have enjoyed this week’s blog, and refer to this guide in future for all the advice you need to help you through the dreaded signs of ageing and dry skin. Feel free to pass this guide onto those who may benefit from it as we all need a little help and advice at times!

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