The New Mask Rules

The New Mask Rules

Masking is a skincare step that every beauty addicted tried at least once but some time can be tricky, even more, if it is your first time. Keep reading if you want to learn how to achieve the best result from your masking ritual.

Face masks are a great way to boost your skin health once a week or even more. However, sometimes happens that wonderful product doesn't work properly on our face. We hear a lot of stories about dry skin, redness and so on... we are here to tell you that maybe you are not using it the right way. Here three easy tips that will help you achieve the best results from your face masks.

1. Prep your face

Sometimes it happens that you don't see a lot of a difference after using your beauty mask, maybe it's because you haven't prepped your skin properly, if you think about it, how can you skin drink all the nutrients is your face is still covered with makeup, dust, pollution and dead cells? Start your mask rituals by gently cleansing your face and neck, you'll see a huge difference.

2. Take your time

Most brands suggest you a timing, usually, a mask should stay on for about 10 to 20 minutes. If you feel that this is not working for you skin type don't be afraid to feel what your skin needs and follow it. Keep it more or less, imagine that a lot of people can take their masks on for more than 1 hours! But before that make sure to read the next tip...

3. Keet it moist

This is probably the most important tip. A lot of time we hear stories about people that can't handle masks because they dry out immediately causing redness and dryness. To avoid that, especially if you are using a clay mask like Rhassoul Clay, have by your side some thermal water or rose water to spry whenever you feel the mask is drying out. By doing that you will keep it moist and nice on your skin even for 2 hours! Try to believe ;) 


 Which one is your favourite mask? 

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