After a simple discussion in the office noting women’s achievements, our excitement grew till it this weeks blog topic was staring right at us. Women’s Day has recently passed (March 8th), however we are still very much in celebration! Women continue to shine throughout history, proving nothing will get in the way of their success, rights and happiness. We’d like to dedicate this weeks blog to recognising female achievements.


For decades, women have been met with obstacles far more challenging than their male counterparts, but somehow they continue to prove their strength and drive to achieve and change the role of women in society. Looking back at women’s position in history, many women have challenged society and humanity as a whole by taking on positions of power and proving their ability to take on tasks bigger than themselves. The Celtic warrior Queen Boudicca (above) was responsible for leading the Celtic tribe to take on the forces of Roman Empire in AD 60-61. The  Roman Empire was feared for many reasons, yet Queen Boudicca became the epitome of courage and bravery at the time. Women continued to shine throughout ancient history, from our beauty queen Cleopatra
and China’s Empress Wu Zetian (both huge fans of the Pearl Powder!), they have taught us a lesson many of us have forgotten; we may be responsible for our own oppression. Rather than idly sit by and not challenge the status quo or their position in society, many women went on to match their male counterparts drive and ambition and fought for higher positions of power. Maybe this is a lesson we should all take from the female leaders of the old world.


Women have still continued to shine as time went on, bringing to light various topics, issues and  discoveries that the world has only benefited from. From Marie Curie being the first woman to ever receive the Nobel Prize and also for two separate categories in 1903, she encouraged women to explore the scientific field and proved women had much to offer the world, if they were to challenge their reserved position in society. Rosa Parks (left) defiance to give up her seat benefited men and women alike as it spurred on the revolution in the U.S.A to allow black people their rights to an education, fair treatment and the option to vote. In literature, the likes of Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson and Maya Angelou wrote with the emotional depth of a woman’s heart, and it is through their work and many other notable female writers provided great works of literature to entertain and learn from.


Women also made their mark in the Arts, leaving very little doubt in their astounding capabilities. Coco Chanel revamped the fashion industry, and continues to produce sell out fashion shows year in and year out. The fashion mogul was a huge success in the fashion industry and the beauty industry, with her timeless fragrances and  luxurious makeup collections. Billie Holiday was credited the name “Lady of the Blues” as she offered the Jazz genre timeless pieces like “Strange Fruit”; a beautiful song that becomes very harrowing once it’s political message is uncovered. The lyrics were a metaphor for the racism experienced in America in the 30’s and 40’s towards black and coloured people. 


We can write pages and pages of all the wonderful and incredible things women have done, but we would like to acknowledge the recent achievements of women, and we are so excited to see what’s in store in future for women and how much further we will go.


How empowering is to see a woman not only take charge of Britain to help the country crusade through the changes and coming implications of Brexit? The last time Britain had seen a female prime minister was Margaret Thatcher, and although her legacy is not favoured by all, it is more than empowering enough for Theresa May to step forward and take on an incredibly challenging role. We are rooting for you, Theresa May, and we hope to see great things from the UK’s second female Prime Minister. We do wish we could be in support of Hilary Clinton for the U.S.A., however the future may present her with another opportunity to run for president, or may even urge Michelle Obama to take on the role. Women in politics are empowering for all, and we are extremely proud of all their current achievements, and all those coming in the near future. 


Also, women are even progressing in London Metropolitan’s Police, with the Queen appointing Cressida Dick as the 1st Female Commissioner. She will go on to lead the London Police Department, and her new position will hopefully convince many female members in the U.K police force to step forward for higher positions and take on roles that have been limited to men up until now.


This is not an attack on men, or a fight for feminism, but rather an opportunity to show women’s progression throughout history. Their achievements and bravery are nothing less than remarkable and, as women, we extremely proud of our girls! Well done, ladies!

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