The 4 Feet-Care Mistakes You're Probably Making

The 4 Feet-Care Mistakes You're Probably Making

We know, we know. Feet aren't the most glamorous of conversation points, but it's really important to know how to look after them properly. So, now we've done the legs it's time to discuss how to avoid mistakes while taking care of your well-owned footy.

Mistake #1: Not Using Moisturizer

Get over it, nourishing and moisturising your feet Everyday is fundamental. You can't expect to have soft, smooth skin down there if you're not taking care of it daily.

Tip: Keep your feet cream or your favourite moisturizing oil near your bedside table and apply it every night before going to sleep. It will be easier to make it a habit.

Mistake #2: Cutting off ingrowing toenails yourself

It’s tempting, but by doing so we can sometimes unintentionally cause the skin to become even more inflamed and aggravated (and it will hurt!). Parts of the nail can also be left inside, despite thinking you’ve fully removed it, and instruments used at home are often not designed for the delicate art of the removal required.

Tip: Keep your nails filed regularly, following the natural curvature of your toenail, and cut only the white part (known as the free edge). If you're suffering from ingrowing toenails, it's probably best to you go and see a podiatrist. They know how it's done.

Mistake #3: Getting rid of that old nail polish!

We have a lot of things to do, people to see but there are no excuses: take care of your tootsies. At the first sign of chip, run for the nail polish remover because in no time that little chip mate will become an epidemic. Trust me the more you wait, the hardest batten down the hatches will be.

Mistake #4: Waring the wrong shoes

People talk a big game about preparing their feet for summerpedicures, peels, foot facials, etc. That's all well and good—but isn't useless if you wear the wrong shoes? Shoes play a crucial role in feet care. Choose comfortable shoes and chuck those old sandals out! The possibilities are endless: single toe, flip-flop, leather, stain, knotted... free your style!

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