Social media is awfully addictive lately, with all its new widgets and features, it has become impossible to put your phone back down. It’s just too easy. After a poor nights sleep or a stressful day, on your journey home, when the minutes go by just a little too slowly at work and so many other instances where social media fits easily into your schedule. However, is all of this constant use of social media bad for us? As we spend more time on our phones, we find ourselves becoming distant from those around us and opting to scroll through our newsfeed than have a conversation. Our communication skills have been simplified to a simple “like” button. But, in a world where social media has become part of our everyday lives, how easy is it to really switch off?


Dan Kurtz proclaims to have the answer with his newly developed app ‘Binky’, the unsocial social media app. The app walks, talks and looks like any other social media platform, minus one exception – absolutely nothing you do matters. No number of likes, swipes, comments or views count for anything. All your social media movements are contained within the app and deleted within seconds. Even as you appear to type a comment, the keyboard is mostly unusable and random words are generated with each and every tap. Now you might wonder why has this been created if it is potentially even more useless and a waste of time than its real social media counterparts? That is precisely the point.


The new app acts as a mirror against its users, demonstrating how often they rely on social media to waste time, look for instant (however ultimately meaningless) gratification, communication and more. Users have used the app and have come to notice that they spend far more time scrolling on their newsfeed than they wanted to admit!


However, this was not the reason Kurtz had first designed the app. Rather, it was much simpler than using clever reverse psychology tactics to keep track of social media use. “It started out as a joke,” Dan Kurtz, the app’s creator says. “I was doing a satire on the moments when you’re flicking through your apps because you’ve got nothing better to do. Facebook is too much anger, stress and sadness, but you want to do something on your phone. Binky solves the problem where you want to scroll through something, but nothing in particular.” Genius!






We’ve tried out the app ourselves and we find it absolutely hysterical, and entertaining! We love the premise of the app and enjoy using it to monitor our addiction. So far, one member of our team has cut down on al social media over the weekend opting for Binky above all else and she’s told us suddenly she notices how much free time she has – and how much of it she had been wasting. We have featured screenshots of her use below, and as boring as it seems, it is still somehow miraculously entertaining.



Images from ‘Binky’ app, available on the App store.


Have you tried Binky? Let us know how much you love it or hate it by getting in touch! For all things Moroccan Natural, visit our Twitter page @MoroccanNatural, Instagram @Moroccan_Natural or find us on Facebook @ Moroccan Natural.a


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