The Beginner Guide To Exfoliation

The Beginner Guide To Exfoliation

Exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation... Everyone says that it an essential part of your skincare routine but how do you exfoliate if you've never done it before? Here a quick beginners guide to exfoliation.

You cleanse, you moisturise and you even use your Pearl Powder consistently... your skincare routine is just perfect but probably you are missing something! Exfoliation is the key to make your routine actually effective. If you think about it, your skin is constantly renewing itself while producing new cells and naturally reject the old ones. Even though nature is perfect, nowadays our lives are everything but natural and sometimes we need to help our body to work properly. That's why we need to exfoliate and do it properly.

Exfoliation Benefits:

Promotes Healthy Glowing Skin:

By gently exfoliating dry skin cells, the skin will appear to feel smoother and look refreshed as the cells are newer. This will also improve the tone of your skin.

Reduces Breakouts And Acne

Exfoliating is an essential way to manage breakouts and acne. Many of us recognise the importance of cleansing our skin but under-estimate the power of exfoliating. A deep exfoliation will help to unclog your pores from excess oil which can lead to breakouts. 

Allow Absorption Of Other Products

If the pores are blocked, all of the other skincare products that you use won’t be able to successfully penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. By removing dirt, a rich moisturiser can provide the depths of your skin with the best nourishment.

How to Exfoliate:

Now that you have an idea of why you should exfoliate, it's time to learn how to do it. Firstly first you have to understand your skin type and your necessity to know when you should introduce this step in your routine. For example, if your skin is sensitive to normal we would suggest you use a chemical or physical exfoliator once a week.

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If your skin is thicker or you have prone skin, probably you'll have to exfoliate one to two times a week. Anyhow, we are a natural and organic skincare brand that got its inspiration from nature itself: we highly recommend to physically exfoliate using organic products like a DIY coffee scrub (recipe here) or the Sago Palm or the Vetiver Exfoliator. The best choice is to mix and match to stimulate your skin differently each time you workout those dirty dead cells.

What's your favourite one?

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