With New Year diets well under way, we can all feel the temptation to self-sabotage kicking in! However, we at Moroccan Natural have found just the book for you to not only find your motivation to keep eating clean, but also set you on the path for the healthiest version of yourself. Introducing the most profound health book you will read this year: The Gut Makeover by Jeanette Hyde.


Hyde links many health issues to the overall health of our gut, outlining how it’s use and function can affect more than just our trips to the bathroom. She links the health of our gut with medical issues such as weight gain, IBS and even depression as you starve your body, more notably your gut, of the variety of foods it needs in order to adapt and work at its best, clearing your body of all toxins.


She goes on to break down the issues in the “Western Diet” where convenience is our best friend, and in turn, so is disease, lethargy and poor overall health. Gathering a list of the western diets worst offenders, she discusses which aspects of the diet affect our overall health and why the gut struggles to do its job.


The Western Diet


Refined carbs, sugar, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, alcohol and too much caffeine are the every day makings of the western diets, but they hold very little nutritional value for the body. The gut relies on a variety of different foods and plants in order to break down the foods and retain all the goodness from the food for the body to use. If a diet is full of junk and empty carbohydrates, the gut does not function at its best and it is this routine that allows the gut to be stuck working in the same manner, l– carbohydrates taken from

food items such as muffins, pastries and pasta hold very little nutritional value for the body.


The Gut Makeover


The 4-week Gut Makeover is broken down into 2 stages. The first fortnight requires a very clean diet, rid of grains, sugar and artificial sweeteners, dairy products, caffeine and alcohol. These food groups are suggested to be taken out the week before beginning the Gut Makeover as it will allow your gut to refresh by mending your gut lining and allowing your flora to repopulate. Hyde recommends eating a diet rich of only plant food, fruit, non-dairy fats and quality protein. As a rule of thumb, your plate must be at least 2/3 plant food and 1/3 protein.


By stage 2 of the Gut makeover, powerful prebiotics and probiotics are reintroduced, as your gut will be working at its best by this stage. It will reap all nutritional benefits from these nutrient dense foods. This list includes food items such as bananas, fennel, asparagus, leeks, onions, miso soup, Kefir and Sauerkraut.


Throughout the Gut makeover, you will naturally lose weight, but you will also have higher energy levels, better sleep and be happier overall. As you are eating naturally good foods, your body will use the food up wisely, taking in all the nutrients which in turn will drive you to do more, be active and improve your mood! Be healthy has never been easier, and we can’t agree more. Get your hands on Hyde’s wonderful book here.


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