Ah, who doesn’t love Christmas? Presents under the tree, all the family home, school and work no longer in session, and all the Christmas specials are finally on TV! However, Christmas is more than only enjoying and receiving. Ellis Parker Butler couldn’t have put it any better in her short poem” 


The Rich Boy’s Christmas 
And now behold this sulking boy, 
His costly presents bring no joy; 
Harsh tears of anger fill his eye 
Tho’ he has all that wealth can buy. 
What profits it that he employs 
His many gifts to make a noise? 
His playroom is so placed that he 
Can cause his folks no agony. 

Christmas is about giving, giving more than just a present to your loved ones. Find out all the ways you can give this Christmas, to make someone else’s day that much better, and to feel that warm, fuzzy feeling we all get when making someone else happy.  


1. Pass them on 

We all have an extraordinary amount of things in our house we no longer use, or have never found the chance to use. Christmas time is the perfect time to donate your things as charities are keen to collect as many items of clothing, electrical and toys to make someone else’s Christmas that much better. Why not go the extra mile and buy a few things solely for donating?  


2. Give up your time 

As the weather gets colder and the cold bites, more and more homeless people are left without food or shelter over the Christmas period, as shelters cannot afford to feed and house everyone. Why not give volunteering a go? Shelter From the Storm is on the lookout for more volunteers over the holiday period. Get in touch via their website here. 


3. Christmas Jumper Day 

Mufti day is not just for children! Convince your workplace to get into the holiday spirit by holding a charity sponsored Xmas Jumper day, by the charity of your choice. All can be urged to take part for the price of a pound (or more, if they are willing!) and all donations can be given to the charity of your choice. Great fun for everyone, with a heart-warming end result.  

4. Give a donation 

Last but not least, donations are asked for throughout the year, but they really go a long way through the holidays. Your donations can help feed those going without a meal this Christmas, provide them with warm clothes and a safe place to stay this Christmas. Find out how you can give to charities like The Salvation Army here.  


If you have any more suggestions on how to give this Christmas, we’d love to know! Get in touch via our Twitter page @MoroccanNatural, Instagram @Moroccan_Natural or find us on Facebook @ Moroccan Natural. 

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