This week, we have found ourselves in absolute hysterics pointing out all of the funny sayings and idioms we all use in and out of the office. Recently, we discovered the word ‘clean’ as key terminology in our niche; for example, ‘clean, green beauty heroes’. Heroes have developed from caped wonders to PH neutral, clean, safe, beauty products. Every time we hear the word, we break out into the late David Bowie's timeless hit:


Now, there’s nothing wrong with key niche terminology – on the contrary, it has actually been found to help bring groups together as we all begin to feel we are on the same page. We are a little like a family in the natural and organic industry, aren’t we?


However, this week we have challenged ourselves to pick apart all business and industry phrases and sayings that usually would not make much sense. For instance, no one ‘contacts’ anybody anymore, we all seem to be ‘reaching out’. Never have we ever found ourselves stretching ourselves into so many different directions. We found a funny little guide for when it’s best appropriate to use the term “reaching out”.


Now, whenever we find ourselves saying we must reach out to someone, within seconds we break into song:


This week, our Managing Director noted on the use of ‘tripping over my words’ and added that she is sure there is a little man following her with a dustpan and brush to sweep up her mistakes. Although it is hard to thoughtfully articulate your points after a ‘long day in the office’ (there we go, there’s another one), it’s surprising when we find ourselves seamlessly ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ (yes, we are totally doing it on purpose now).


How many times a week do you also find yourself gathering new clients and contacts and ending a meeting with the words “okay great, let’s touch base”. What base? Are we still talking about skincare? Makeup? An army base? Are we no longer in the office?!?

Also, within the business environment, maliciousness is not to be tolerated, and rightfully so, but we all know the clever passive aggressive comments that slip under the radar every single time. ‘Correct me if I am wrong’ i.e. I am definitely right, and here is why. ‘With all due respect’ meaning respect has officially left the building. ‘No offence’ which in other words means brace for impact and prepare to be very offended…


And, what is with the fascination with meat and animals in the business world? Meetings with ‘elephants in the room’, colleagues ‘up to their bottoms in alligators’, ‘monkeys on the shoulder’ and all expected to be discussed without letting ‘the cat out of the bag’! Do we work at the zoo?? What is going on? 


Along with ‘let’s flesh it out’, ‘let’s put some meat on its bones’ – and our personal new favourite ‘let’s pop that idea back in the fridge and snack on it later.’ We cannot even believe how many vegans and vegetarians we have seen use these.


There seem to be so many of them, and we find it incredibly hilarious as we have used one too many of these in our past. Do you know of any funny phrases that are only used in business? Get in touch and let us know!

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