It’s a wonderful new year and a fresh start for all. We know the number one resolution for many of us is to get fit, get in shape and look amazing. The new-year motivation is set in high gear and everyone is racing to the gym. But, and it’s a very big but…being back at the gym only reminds us all of some of the reasons why we stopped going. There are a set of rules made entirely for the gym; unspoken yet downright not optional. We’ve compiled a list of some of the unspoken gym laws, and if you can relate, or know of a few federal offenders, you are more than welcome to send this their way ASAP….


The Laws


  1. Flex at home, we guarantee no one is interested in the new age Adonis.

Not everyone enjoys their workout, and many of us are trying our best to even get through the last half hour (of a 45 min workout…), but flexing your muscles in front of the gym mirror for all to “admire” is not helping. Flex at home. Not only do you look ridiculous –people only do that on TV, by the way -, but you also come off as incredibly arrogant and totally full of yourself. All the muscles in the world could never makeup for an arrogant and over confident demeanour.


  1. Clean machines before and after use. Gyms do not offer a maid service.

If only they did, it would be incredible. However, as they have yet to introduce a service like this, it is advised to wipe before and after use for various hygiene reasons. The image of piles and piles of other peoples sweat on our hands and towels is not something we enjoy. We assume this a shared feeling.


  1. Do not leave bottles, sweaty towels or used tissues on machines after use.

There is no other way to put this besides the fact that it is a tad nauseating to see used tissues and belongings lingering on unused machines. Not only does it leave a machine out of use, but it is also really gross, for lack of a better word!


  1. Leave small talk for the coffee shops, and give up the machine if you’re not using it.

The amount of times we have witnessed popular machines being taken up by lengthily conversations that could quite easily take place anywhere outside of the gym is beyond us. There are numerous coffee shops everywhere nowadays, with their doors wide open for gossip and small talk alike.


  1. Deodorant is not optional. We repeat, not optional.

The smell of the gym is one only gym rats love, and that does not actually apply to very many of us. We ask that you do others the courtesy of sparing others the “beastly” scent of your sweaty armpits and feet. It’s the least we could all do.


  1. The gym is not the new We’ve heard cheesy lines so bad you could smell them.

It seems as though some only visit the gym to find a mate. Now, that’s all fine and well, we all want to be loved, but we beg you to take your competitive streak and apply it to your workout, not your pick up lines. You’ll be doing us all a favour.


  1. Leave Mac, Bobbi Brown and Anastacia at home. They’ll be okay. They have each other.

It’s a wonder how some women can get through an entire workout with their make-up leaving streaks down their face. Workouts are already pretty exhausting and are determined to leave you sweating, but adding a full face of make-up to the equation sounds awful for a number of reasons. Not only does it begin to streak and leave marks, but it also means your skin cannot breathe when it definitely needs to most. Sweat is our body releasing toxins. If we are to sweat through layers of make-up and then the make-up dries as you cool down, your pores are clogged with sweat, germs and make-up till you can wash it off. It is definitely not worth it.


  1. Leave your Hulk impressions for the bedroom. We can do without, thanks.

Throughout your workout, you can almost guarantee there is always one person who wants the whole world to know that they are giving 110%. Newsflash, buddy, we all are. There’s no need to go all “beast mode” to prove yourself. We’re all too wrapped up with our own workout to care at all.


Well that’s that! We hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks post. Good luck with your workouts this week, and if you found any of these tips enjoyable or relevant, feel free to share them with your loved ones.


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