Under eye circles are the bane of our existence; even after a face full of makeup to disguise them and get you through the morning, by late afternoon everybody begins noticing how tired you are - if they only knew. Wouldn’t it all be much easier if we could just get rid of them once and for all?! We know, we agree. We believe we’ve found the best tips to help revitalise the area under your eyes naturally.


Have you ever wondered why cucumber slices always seem to compliment a face mask treatment? You may have possibly heard from your mother or a friend that it is good for the eyes, but has it ever been discussed exactly how? We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. Not only do we know why cucumbers are used, but we use them too! We know the area under the eye is a problem area for many, which is why we have cleverly devised our Soothe and Smooth under eye roll-on. We would love to go on and on about our products, but we know you’re not here to read about that! (However, if you are...find out more about Soothe and Smooth here.)


Cucumber’s are 95% water and it is due to their high water content that they are able to revitalise the skin, applying the moisture directly to the eye area. They are also full of Vitamin E and potassium, meaning they can aid in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, helping to not only combat the “raccoon eyes”, but also firm the skin! They also contain Silicia and antioxidants, making it the best ingredient to help with the eye area. We’ve found the best video explaining just why cucumbers are wonderful, even beyond skincare! We have definitely been eating more of the green stuff after seeing this video, and we hope it has the same effect on you too! Enjoy.


How brilliant was that?! We went out and stocked up immediately! Now, with cucumbers at the ready,  we can get right into our favourite beauty tips that call for the “cu-cumba”.




Did you know cucumber can be used to treat cellulite and minimise it’s appearance? It’s true! The beauty treatment requires mixing ground coffee with cucumber juice, and a spoon of raw honey. Mix the ingredients in a bowl and apply to the area of skin, then cover with a cloth for 30minutes to an hour. Wash off with warm water and voila! Your skin should look brighter and slightly firmer. For best results, carry out the treatment once a week for a month. (Note: Please do a patch test 24 hours prior to treatment in order to see if it may not react well with your skin!)



If you are suffering from skin irritation or redness, try taking the pulp from a cucumber and applying it to the face gently for roughly 5-10 minutes, then rinse off. Cucumbers mild yet antioxidant rich properties allow it to soothe skin whilst giving it plenty of nutrients it can benefit for. (Bonus tip: if you find yourself sitting out in the sun too long this season and have the sunburn to prove it, cucumber pulp can also be used to soothe the skin for this too!)



Dark patches are no fun, and it’s very rare to find a product that can help lighten the skin area particularly well. Cucumbers have a skin lightening affect and can help with this very well. Cut a cucumber into slices and place them in a bowl in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Then take them out and place them over the areas you wish to treat. Leave the slices on for 10 minutes then cleanse the skin with warm water. Repeat this twice daily for at least a week, or until the effects start to show.


And there we are. We’ll see you in the vegetable isle…till next week, everyone! We hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks post. Let us know how you get on by getting in touch via our Twitter page @MoroccanNatural, Instagram @Moroccan_Natural or find us on Facebook @ Moroccan Natural.

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