The Magic of Gold and Our Giveaway!


This week, we’ll be telling you everything there is to know about gold and the wonders it can have on your skin, not just as your accessories! But, first things first: let’s introduce our giveaway question and the amazing prize up for grabs! We hope you’ve been paying attention to our posts. The question is….

Where does the Pearl come from?
A) China
B) Morocco
C) Sweden

The winner will receive our Magic Trio Christmas set (worth over £80!), containing our Prickly Pear Seed oil, Pearl Powder and our 24k Gold Serum with Rose Oil. We will be announcing the draw this coming Friday (11th Nov 2016), so get in touch with your answer via our Twitter page @MoroccanNatural, Instagram @Moroccan_Natural or find us on Facebook @ Moroccan Natural and send us a message!


The Illustrious Element

 To celebrate the release of our Magic Trio gift set, we’re excited to share with your our love and wonder for Gold as an element, and how it has been used throughout history to give any woman an added sparkle.

Gold has been around for centuries. We have seen countless meteor showers that presented us with the element and numerous gold rushes that lead to migration. For example, The discovery of hold in the Yukon in 1896 lead to the Klondike Gold Rush. Due to the many people that set on the expedition to find the gold, Dawson City was established (189`6). Due to this, the Yukon Territory was born. But, gold has offered more than just its role in migration and colonisation. It also plays an important role in the world of Medicine.

Gold has been widely used in Ancient medicine due to its numerous healthcare properties. According to Dr. Richard Holiday of the World Gold Council, “Gold is very resistant to bacteria…It is used in wires for pacemakers and for stents that help support weak blood vessels in the treatment of heart disease. In fact, many surgeons prefer gold-plated stents because they have the best visibility under X-ray (1) .” So it’s safe to say, gold really is the way to a woman’s heart, no? But on a more serious note, it has shunned away various limitations the medical field has come across, and become an important aspect of everyday medicine and healthcare.


Today, Gold is not only being utilized in the medical industry, but of course, also in skincare. The Romans, Egyptians and Japanese valued Gold for its ability to help treat skin ailments for centuries. The Chinese believed that it was the secret component to their younger skin and thus it became a sought after beauty product. It was also presumed that Cleopatra’s ageless beauty could be attributed on using a gold mask while sleeping (2). With Cleopatra’s love for gold, this comes as no surprise!

The Journal of Investigative Dermatology conducted a study wherein which they found out Gold is valuable in treating autoimmune diseases and swelling, and impedes blister growth. It was due to this that many Gold Skincare products grew in popularity throughout the recent years. Various skin technology and treatments were also created to improve and nourish the skin even further, utilizing gold for all it could possibly offer our skin! Japanese experts went on to invent a facial gold leaf that could easily invigorate the skin and eliminate the dead skin cells. This technology can preserve skin collagens and obstructs the disruption of elastin (3). Gold took over the beauty industry and rightfully so. Once we discovered the element and tested it, we knew we had to create a gold product for our lovely customers. This beauty goldmine could not go ignored!

Through Gold’s countless benefits on skin, together with the power of Pearl Powder, we have formed a breakthrough creation that will guard the skin from harm and keeping it smooth and revitalized. With Pearl Powder Gold Collection, Finest 24k Gold Serum with Rose Oil and Moroccan Natural Gold – Organic Rose Water, we guarantee your timeless sparkle (4).

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B) Morocco

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B) Morocco

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