What You Wish You Knew About Nail Care

What You Wish You Knew About Nail Care

Having Instagram-Ready hand isn't that easy like ABC and it's not a secret. We are here to help you whit some tips and tricks that you wish you knew before (almost) ruin your precious hands.



We all have been there, trying to do a DIY manicure to save money and time ending up with a pretty nice mess... Well, that is because some time is strictly necessary to practice and - most of all - know what you are doing to achieve the desired result. Let's get back to the basis.

Tools are Important

It will probably sound a bit old fashioned but quality is what you're looking for when speaking about nail care. Think about it: you are about to cut, file and modify the structure of your hands, which are a delicate and still very exposed part of your body. So before you start make sure to have in your draw these four essentials:

  • Nail Polish Remover and Cotton Pads
  • Cuticle Nipper
  • Glass File
  • Buffer

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Remove Your Old Nail Polish

You will think that this step is the easiest one but I'm sure I have been in the situation where all your fingers are stained and there is still nail polish everywhere. A lovely Italian esthetician shared with me her secret to avoiding this mess: dump your cotton pad whit a generous amount of nail polish remover, then apply the cotton pad on the painted nail and lightly press to let the liquid penetrate the nail polish. After a few seconds, move the cotton pad outwards following the long edge direction of your nail. Repeat the process on every nail and clean the residues. Now that your nails are clean we can start the proper manicure.

Soak and Relax

The very first, fundamental step is soaking your hands in warm water for about 10 minutes. The easiest way to do it at home is by using your sink. If this option doesn't suit you, use a basin or whatever you have in your house where you can comfortably fit your hand in and... relax. This step is fundamental because you have to soften the skin around the nails so that you can easily work without damaging the tissues. Remember to use water warm enough to do the job, don't overheat it otherwise you'll damage nails and skin anyway.

Cuticle Time

Now that your hands are nice and soft, you're ready to get rid of those cuticles. We suggest using a bamboo cuticle stick or a silicon-covered one to push down them. Be gentle otherwise, you're going to damage your nails. Some people prefer just to push the cuticle back with a damp cloth which is the most gentle option probably. If you're new to this practice, start by using a damp cloth and if you feel that is not enough, go for a cuticle nipper. Usually, we don't suggest you cut cuticles but just to pull them down and there is a valid reason behind it... Cuticles are there for a purpose: that little portion of skin works as a protector for the new nail that is growing every day. If you cut them you'll risk damaging the nail as well. However, if you are into it, we suggest to be extremely gentle and to do not overdo it. 



Nails Nails Nails

This step is usually the tricky one if you are not a pro, but remember practice makes you perfect. Find a picture of the nails you desire to have and, using files, start shaping your nails until you get the desired result. To avoid mistakes, proceed little by little and try to be gently otherwise you will damage nails' layers which can make them flakey and frail. That Italian esthetician told me another nice trick: to better understand what you are doing, use a nail buffer to opacify the nail and reveal the shape your making. 


Now that your nails are done use a moisturizer to nourish and soften your hand and cuticle every day! The secret to having perfect hands is not to have your manicure done every week, it is all about preventing, nourishing and moisturizing. There are a lot of options for you: cream and oils are the bests. What we personally suggest is using a natural oil like Moroccan Natural Rose Geranium Rollerball because is a light oil blend, it's not greasy and your skin will drink all the product in a couple of minutes + because it is in a 10 ml rollerball, this product is travel friendly, purse friendly and extremely handy to use. Rember to deeply protect and moisturise your precious hand and cuticles every day before going to bed.

Which one is your manicre secret tick?


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