WINTER SKIN: A Survival Guide

WINTER SKIN: A Survival Guide

Hello Beautiful, do you have rough, dehydrated skin, winter burn and maybe irritations? These are (some of) the most commons winter-symptoms that affect all types of skin from January until March. None of it is very nice. Staying at home could be an effective solution but it's not always possible... Don't panic, here's another way: Skincare! And this can be fun too. You knew that, didn't you?

Let's not waste other time, we have some serious issues to fix here. There are our dos and don'ts during winter time:


foam cleansing

Even if you're skincare is the most accurate and professional, if you don't prepare your skin BEFORE applying your products, all the nutrients won't penetrate the epidermis. You're wasting time and money. The key is cleansing.

Cleansing is one of the best gifts you can give to your beloved skin. The market is full of products of all types and formulas but, during winter, we suggest you use gentle products like water-based, creamy and oily products. Doing so you won't stress the tissues that are already damaged by cold, windy air and pollution.

Remember to always wash your hand before touching your face. We don't want those bad bacterias from the outside penetrate the inside. If necessary, don't be afraid to Double Cleanse.

Double cleansing is one of the Korean Skincare's most famous step. If you want to achieve that flawless, smooth and glowing skin even during winter time, start with an oil-based cleanser like our 100% Chemical Free Makeup Remover and then continue whit a water-based one. We suggest Bioderma Sensibio H2O or Avène Cleanace Water. We've tested those two products and they're both great for sensitive skin. Plus, none of them has added perfume.


argan oil

Now that we've gotten rid of germs, pollution and dirt it's moisturiser time! (Our favourite btw). Moisturizing must be an essential step in your skincare. Especially during winter. Our mission is to feed our skin with all the nutrients and, at the same time, protect it from wind, cold and pollution.

To do so you can personalise your skincare by choosing a waterbased moisturiser during the day and an oil based at night. Doing so your skin will be protected the whole day and extra-smooth when you'll wake up after a good beauty sleep.

If you are into skincare and want to become a master - I know you do - we suggest another skippable but also crucial step.


Yes, you read right: staying exfoliated is the key to achieve that baby-superduper-soft skin (even when outside is -2°).

What exfoliation does is removing all the dead cells from the epidermis to renew the skin and prep it for your daily skincare. We suggest exfoliating once a week or, if you're already into it, two times a week. There are a lot of products on the market that work great. Just to mention some: Glycolic acid, Azelaic acid, Lactic acid, dermabrasion, peeling gels, scrubs, exfoliating foam and many more.

If you're new to this step or you just don't want to spend a lot of money on it, we've tested a DIY scrub which it's cheap, winter-time proof and chemical free

We're talking about the natural, easy to make, budget-friendly Super-Boost Scrub. You'll need only two ingredients: coffee grounds and pure Argan oil. Easy-peasy right? Just take as much coffee as you need and add argan oil to the mixture until you feel that you have the right consistency.

Why we love that scrub? Argan oil is perfect for all skin types; softens skin and noticeably reduce fine line; rich in protein, helps to tighten skin, promote collagen production and acts as a sebum regulator. On the other hand we have our beloved coffee, not just because is out life-saviour every morning, also because is rich of antioxidants, enhances circulation and, last but not least, the caffeine in coffee helps reduce undereye puffiness. As George Clooney would say "What else?".

What's your winter-saviour product? Let us know in the comments below!

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I use Collagenil creme to clean the face and Avene Hydrance creme for the day.
I have a very dry skin even if I drink a lot. Do you have anything to suggest me to thirst my skin?


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