It falls every year on January 17th, shortly after Valentines and reminding us all to keep spreading the love. National Random Act of Kindness day is a day where all those celebrating help to restore faith in humanity. Snapchat’s story covering the day showed numerous people uploading snaps of their kind gestures, from some offering to pay for the bill for the person behind them at Starbucks, to simply smiling at a stranger and wishing them a great day. These kind acts took place far and wide, across the world, and we are in full support of this holiday.


Why limit these acts to special occasions, or “holidays”? They make two people feel good in the process (you and the person receiving the kind gesture), so why not do it more often! We have a few suggestions for you already…


10 Random Acts of Kindness you can do anytime


  1. Offer to make the tea/coffee round


It may take 10 minutes, even 20 if we include the complicated ones, but it can cheer up everyone in the office and remind them of how nice you can be. Not that you need to prove yourself. But a reminder definitely doesn’t hurt.


  1. Give a genuine compliment


Giving a genuine compliment is one of the nicest things you can do, and it doesn’t cost you a penny! A compliment can go a long way, especially if many people nowadays are feeling the social pressures of looking a certain way. Remind them what you love about them, and make their day!


  1. Invite an upset friend/colleague for a coffee and a chat

Coffee shops are everywhere lately, now more than ever. Why not pay a visit with a friend and gossip over cappuccinos and croissants, like the French. C’est la vie, mademoiselles. Aller!


  1. Smile at a stranger

Some people hold a very negative view of the world. They believe everyone is out to get them, and there are no kind people left. All it takes is a simple, warm smile to reassure them that the world is not all bad. Give it a try. If someone with a mean frown looks at you, smile at him or her! A majority of the time you will see their hard expressions soften. Trust us.


  1. Tip your favourite waitress/barista

They earn not much more than minimum mage, but they keep your world running. You know who we mean - that one person who serves you with a smile and instantly makes your day better. You don’t have to necessarily tip them, but for a change, why not ask them how their day is going, and be genuinely interested? They will love it, take it from us (coming from someone who has worked in a busy coffee shop).


  1. Help around the house – even when it’s not your turn

Yes, you have your fair share of chores, and others do too. But we all know the feeling of that sinking feeling that sets in when we realise we have to go home and wash the dishes, take out the rubbish and do the laundry after a long day at work. If you know the feeling, you can imagine how wonderful it feels to come home to someone having done them for you – for nothing in return. Share that great feeling.


  1. Send a few bright/cheery Good Morning texts

Monday mornings are a drag. Tuesday’s too - any weekday at all, to be honest. Although, there is something about waking up to a lovely good morning text from a friend that helps ease you into the day, before you have even showered. It reminds you someone was thinking about you this morning, and wanted you to have a great day. Why not do this for all the friends you cherish? Send a lovely text first thing in the morning. It’s a sweet friendly reminder of the beauty of friendship.


  1.  Learn to let it go

People make mistakes. Some more than others. As easy it is to start an argument and cause a fuss over something that may have not been entirely thought out by the offender, here’s a suggestion. Why not…let it go? Put yourself in their shoes and see it from a perspective other than your own. Show compassion and understanding, and you may find that others will one day show you the same kindness.
  1. Donate any old toys/ or buy brand new ones to a children’s hospital


Children are the light of the world. They’re wonderfully innocent and sweet, and they look up to adults like you. But some people forget how to be kind, as they grow older. Remind children that adults can care, and can be incredibly kind. Donate any old toys you may have, or buy new ones and give them to a children’s hospital. Your kindness will not go unrecognised.



Spread the love, and most of all spread kindness whenever and however you can! The world needs more kind people. Thought of any other great ideas to be kind? We’d love to know! Get in touch via our Twitter page @MoroccanNatural, Instagram @Moroccan_Natural or find us on Facebook @ Moroccan Natural.


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