With the release of Amazon Echo, it has come to our attention that suddenly everything with be carried out electronically. From streaming your music, to navigating your Netflix, checking the weather, searching the local area and even controlling your lights and electronics at home, Amazon Echo is bringing the future to your doorstep. It is leading the automated generation and allowing us to give complete control to Artificial Intelligence in the hopes of making our lives easier.

What’s even more interesting about the Amazon Echo is that it is completely voice controlled. Whether you have a burning question, or you simply want to set a timer, plan your commute, figure out what tonight’s dinner should be or absolutely anything else, just call out “Alexa” followed by your question and help is instantly at hand. It breaks away from the Siri Service first released back in 2011, and brings your smartphone personal assistant into your home. Rather than being an experience for the individual, it becomes an experience for the whole household, interacting with family and friends alike. All those days we would spend watching Back to the Future, The Time Machine and even Metropolis to get an idea of what the future might be like, and it all seems to be finally coming together.

It’s clear that Amazon has paved the way for further in-house automation, and other companies will thrive with all the new technology and capabilities available. We can almost certainly guarantee that the next few years will soon become other-worldly, and actually having to dial numbers or, god-forbid, even speak to another person for a transaction will be unheard of. We will soon find ourselves replicating at least parts of our favourite films and cartoons with the cybernetic future finally unfolding.

It all does incredibly exciting to us, and we could not applaud Amazon more but if you’ve been paying attention, there’s one thing that absolutely cannot be automated. Taking care of our general health and our skin will always ultimately fall in our hands as a machine cannot simply apply our skin routine for us, blend in our foundations, or even know all the careful steps it takes to remove our makeup and wash away impurities. Not only can it not do the deep cleaning we need, but it’s just not the same, is it? There is something hugely satisfying about the whole cleansing experience that ensues every morning and night. It’s therapeutic. We can’t simply be without it.

What’s more is that no form of artificial intelligence will lead us to good emotional mental health and wellbeing. We develop this part of ourselves through personal experience, reflection and meditation. These are steps we carry out as an individual, and we believe this is how it should stay. In a world where everything seems to be endlessly moving forward at a fast pace, it’s vital we know how to simply stop. We all seem to do this very differently. Whilst some may look for their morning workout as their solace, others may prefer a calm stroll to gather their thoughts and find their peace. No matter which method you choose, we all desperately need it in order to function at our best. We are not like the machines we create. We need rest, fun and laughter.

To help you switch off, we have gathered a few of our favourite D.I.Y. therapies to help you find peace and feel amazing. They can all be carried out on our demand and call for no electronic whatsoever.




We can’t promise you this is all you will ever need to finally find yourself, but it will hopefully help you be better equipped for the journey. The longer we spend working on ourselves, the more we reap in rewards. It can be a very long process, but it will ultimately leave you feeling happier, fulfilled and loved. We have selected our favourite tips for this guide, however if you have tips to add, please do let us know! We love to hear ideas that will help us all. Sharing is caring!




Spending time with yourself helps you to better understand who you are. If you spend a majority of your time in the company of others, it leaves very little room for you to reflect on the day, on your decisions and your overall mental and spiritual growth. This time is necessary to find out a little more about who you are and it can be done absolutely anywhere at anytime. Where you may find an hour of peace, sit back and reflect. It’s okay to let your mind wander. You will soon see your thoughts navigating a certain way you may have never noticed before. Take all that you learn about yourself and use it to help you mould yourself into the person you want to be.




A majority of the time, dieticians, doctors and trainers alike will tell you exercise must get your heart rate going for it to be effective. Wrong. A mile ran is the same as a mile walked. The same distance is travelled and your body is working regardless. We urge all our readers to simply walk if they would rather not go to the gym or join a class. Walking helps too! It’s even been found that a 30 minute brisk walk every day will help prevent and control high blood pressure that can result in a stroke, reducing the risk by up to 27%. Walking is good for the body and also for the brain as it gives you a chance to get some fresh air and leave room for that reflection before the day becomes chaotic. Think of it as your time to relax and to simply enjoy the world.




Finding yourself involves a lot of searching; soul searching, adventure seeking and trying a new experience. To find yourself, you have to do something different, and be different than you were yesterday. Some decide to fly around the world, some take on a role completely unrelated to their career and some simply fill their time with everything and anything from learning to making new friends, and simply just being out there. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but to put it simply, you find your passions by getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new.




It comes as no surprise that our homes shaped us in our early lives. We pick up most of our views, lifestyle choices and mannerisms from our families. However, how many of us reach a stage where we begin to question all that we have been taught? Many of us continue living on autopilot, letting our preconceived teachings guide us through our lives. For some, there’s nothing wrong with that, but for those who seek a higher sense of fulfilment, they must begin questioning their pre-existing beliefs and be open to different ideas and ways of living. Not only does it allow you to be more well-rounded, but it also opens you up to different worlds which you may even favour far more than where you may have lived all your life.


We hope you have found this guide useful, and if so, share it with all your family and friends! Do you have any tips you think should have been included? Leave us a comment down below or get in touch via our Twitter page @MoroccanNatural, Instagram @Moroccan_Natural or find us on Facebook @ Moroccan Natural.


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