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Kashbou – Luxury Sustainable Bamboo Washcloth

Kashbou – Luxury Sustainable Bamboo Washcloth

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Introducing Kashbou - Luxury Sustainable Bamboo Washcloth, the perfect addition to your skincare routine. This washcloth is made with a soft and durable bamboo fabric that provides a gentle touch while effectively cleansing your skin. It is a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional washcloths and towels. Our washcloth is perfect for all skin types and is easy to care for, making it a must-have for your daily beauty regimen. Treat your skin to the luxurious touch of Kashbou! In comparison to cotton, bamboo would be cashmere.


Exfoliating is a key ingredient to healthy, radiant skin.

This pure and gentle exfoliating brush eliminates toxins for a smooth and invigorated skin

Made from the root of vetiver grass, it is sought after for its protective, soothing, calming and uplifting characteristics. Subtle and woody aroma.


  • Stimulates circulation
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Replenishes moisture in dry and dehydrated skin
  • Contains deodorising properties
  • Sesquiterpenes (vetiverols) give a disinfectant and antiseptic action
  • Balances the activity of the sebaceous glands
  • Has a wonderful, natural scent
  • Preventing ingrown hairs


Vetiver Grass Roots (Chrysopogon zizanioides) and coconut fibre for added softness.

How to Use

Wet the scrub before use in the shower or bath. Use with a soap bar/bath product or alone and brush in a gentle circular motion. Use once a week for oily skin and twice a week for dry skin.

Allow to dry after use

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